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Prince Philip’s death is causing a problem for Buckingham Palace. It’s opening the door for Prince Andrew, who has been exiled from Royal responsibilities in the wake of his association with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, to return to Royal duties. 

The Duke of York broke his public silence to make comments regarding his father’s death.

He has been kept out of the limelight since his disastrous BBC interview in which he attempted to dismiss the accusations made against him and attempted to justify his relationship with Epstein.

Prince Andrew To Return To Royal Duties?

The Daily Mail is reporting that Andrew spoke to the press in the anticipation of returning to official Royal duties soon.

He will reunite with his family in public to grieve the death of their patriarch. The Duke of York’s supporters hope this will help garner him sympathy. 

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Andrew is taking on a full role at Prince Philip’s funeral.

As Queen Elizabeth’s favorite son, he has been tending to her as she grieves he beloved husband of 73 years.

This might help him leverage sympathy with the public and allow him to return to public life as a Royal in some capacity.

But, this lies in sharp contrast with Prince Philip’s reported reaction to Andrew’s public relations nightmare.

Following the Duke of York’s December 2019 BBC Interview, Philip reportedly said that his son need to “take his medicine” in a “tense” telling off. 

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Andrew officially retired from Royal duties after the intense blowback from the public. And, the FBI was asking questions about his entanglements with Epstein and the females he trafficked.

It was a big stain on the Royal Family. 

Prince Harry’s Return For Philip’s Funeral

Prince Harry continued that theme by stepping down from senior Royal duties and leaving the UK for Hollywood.

Now, he will be returning for the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.

This could be a chance to heal some wounds with his family following the infamous Oprah Winfrey interview.

Since Meghan Markle is staying home, it might give the Royals the opportunity to have a family intervention. 

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While some believe Andrew may be attempting to wiggle his way back in, there are others who oppose this.

The biggest obstacle is Prince Charles.

While Andrew certainly has a right to attend his father’s funeral, Charles reportedly does not want Andrew’s Royal return to go further than that. 

In his comments about his father’s death, Andrew emphasized that this “left huge void” for the Queen.

He said of his father, “He was a remarkable man, I loved him as a father. He was so calm. If you had a problem he would think about it. He was always someone you could go to.”

Listen to his comments in the video below. 

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