Prince Philip told off Prince Andrew after a 2015 email to Jeffrey Epstein's girlfriend about Virginia Roberts surfaced

Prince Andrew is in even more hot water after Epstein victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre had a tearful interview on BBC detailing her story abuse at the the hands of the Royal. Now a damning email has surfaced which directly contradicts his story. The Duke of York’s involvement with Jeffrey Epstein has caused damage to the Royal Family’s image. Prince Philip is not happy about it and has scolded his son.

The Prince stepped down from his Royal duties in the aftermath of his atrocious interview regarding his relationship with the pedophile and human trafficker. He has brought such scorn to Buckingham Palace that he has family problems as well. BACKSTORY: Royals In Turmoil: Queen Having ‘Rough Time’ And Must Confront Prince Andrew, Royal Expert Says

Prince Andrew Emails About Virginia Roberts

Prince Andrew has denied any involvement with Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Giuffre, however, claims she was just was 17 years old when she was forced to have sex three times with the Prince.

Now, a 2015 email has surfaced from Prince Andrew to Epstein’s girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell. The message indicates a definite connection between Prince Andrew and the underage girl. As the leaked email shows the sender as the “Duke of York” and says he has “some specific questions” to ask Maxwell “about Virginia Roberts”.

This email is going to be hard for Prince Andrew to hide from. Pedophilia and human trafficking add up to a public relations nightmare for the Royal Family. Both Prince Philip and Prince Charles are furious and at odds with Andrew.

From the New York Post:

Prince Andrew was given a “tense” telling off by his dad, Prince Philip — who told him to “take his punishment” because he had endangered “the very fabric of the royal family,” it was claimed Thursday.

Andrew’s scandalous ties to the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking scandal had already seen him dumped from royal duties by his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and later “read the riot act” by his older brother, heir to the throne Prince Charles.

Ouch! It is going to be a very tense Christmas for the Mountbatten-Windsors. New accusations keep emerging so things could get even worse for Prince Andrew before the holidays.

Now, five American women are accusing him of witnessing assault in Epstein’s home. They are asking the FBI to interview the Royal.

Virginia Roberts BBC Interview

Virginia Roberts has been trying to get her story of abuse out for years. The media attempted to stonewall it but now, with Epstein dead, they are finally listening.

Her latest appearance on the BBC is jaw dropping with the disturbing details she reveals about Prince Andrew. Tears were streaming down her face. The raw emotion makes her story quite compelling and seem entirely genuine as you can see in the tweeted video below.

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