Piers Morgan To ‘Go Nuclear’ On Meghan Markle In Explosive Tell-All Interview With Tucker Carlson

Piers Morgan plans to share his side of the story in regards to Meghan Markle and GMB in a tell-all interview with Tucker Carlson today.

Meghan Markle should be shaking in her boots right now, as her nemesis Piers Morgan is preparing to give an explosive tell-all interview with Tucker Carlson this afternoon. In the interview he plans to “go nuclear” and give Americans the “full facts” on the wife of Prince Harry.

Watch Carlson tease this interview below.

Morgan Has Big Plans For This Interview

Last month, Morgan quit his job hosting “Good Morning Britain” rather than apologize to Meghan on air following her own tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey.

BACKSTORY: Piers Morgan Out At ‘GMB’ After Meghan Markle Reportedly Complained

Sources are now saying that before agreeing to do an interview with Carlson, Morgan thought long and hard about where and how he wanted to tell his side of the story.

“Piers knows full well that he is talking to a tough crowd in America,” one source told The Sun. “The majority of people across the States love Meghan and Harry. The Oprah interview sent shockwaves round America and, if anything, only made them even more popular and interesting to people there.”

“But America hasn’t followed all the twists and turns since the interview – and Piers is keen to make sure people know what happened next,” the insider added. “Some of what Meghan and Harry said has already unravelled – like the suggestion they were married in secret before their wedding. And the fact Meghan freely travelled the world despite claiming her passport was taken away.”

Morgan To Educate Americans On Markle And ‘GMB’ Scandal

The source went on to say that there are other things that many Americans are likely not aware of as well.

“Plus some Amercians may not be fully aware of the Royal Family’s reaction to all of this and the fact they have already said on record their recollection of events differs,” the source explained.

 “So Piers is keen for US viewers to get the full story and he of course will make his feelings crystal clear again about what Meghan and Harry claimed and speak his truth,” the insider continued. “He hopes people might look at the Oprah interview a little differently afterwards.”

In fact, he took a dig at Markle ahead of the interview:

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Morgan Plans To ‘Go Nuclear’

Another source said that Morgan is planning to “go nuclear” as he reveals every detail of why exactly he decided to leave his job at “Good Morning Britain” in the wake of criticizing Meghan.

“Piers won’t be pulling any punches. He is still very disappointed about the way things finished at GMB,” this source said. “For a while there was anger, but now that’s switched to a determination – a determination to continue standing up for what he believes in. And provide a voice for all the people who don’t have the platform which he is lucky to occupy.”

The left has rallied behind Meghan as their “woke” princess. And they are out to cancel anyone who dares to say anything negative about her.

But, Piers Morgan is standing up to Meghan Markle and her cancel culture mob. 

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As we wait for Carlson’s interview with Morgan to premiere, you can check out another conversation between the two of them below.

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