John Cena Sr Says His Son Will Make A WWE Return In The Future

John Cena Sr recently revealed that his son will make a return to WWE wrestling, something that was not confirmed until now.

John Cena Sr confirmed this week that his son will make a WWE return. Until now, a return for the now Hollywood actor was not considered in the cards.

John Cena Sr Talks About His Sons Return

John Cena Sr Son Return WWE
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The return of John Cena to professional wrestling was put into question. After all, he seemed to be breaking through in Hollywood with countless movie roles.

However, John Cena’s dad now puts in his own opinion. And according to him, John returning to wrestling is only a matter of time.

“I think that John Cena will always be connected with the WWE or professional wrestling in some form or manner. Managing, backstage, NXT, whatever. He’ll always be part of that business.”

“I think you see already, and it’s just me, less and less the other side that he’s doing now. Doesn’t mean he’s finished. I hope nobody believes he’s finished because my prediction… only my prediction, I have not spoken to him… he will be back.”

So there you have it. John Cena’s dad thinks he will be back.

Of course, Cena’s dad is only guessing himself at this point. That being said, he probably has a better idea about his son compared to most people.

Cena’s Movie Career

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Cena has been making waves in Hollywood since he left the WWE. In fact, he had appearances in some major movies.

John Cena appeared in movies as well as television series. He even did voice acting for movies such as Ferdinand and Bumblebee.

However, the biggest opportunities for John Cena are coming out this year. Hhe managed to get the role of Jakob Toretto in Fast & Furious 9.

Another major role John Cena managed to land was the role of Peacemaker in Suicide Squad 2

The role of Peacemaker in the movie also led to the television series Peacemaker. The series is currently being filmed and expected to release in 2022.

In addition to the Peacemaker television series, Cena is also in pre-production for the Janson Directive. For this movie, he plays the role of Paul Janson.

Cena is certainly busy in Hollywood these days. So, it is quite difficult to say when he would make a return to WWE wrestling.

If John does return to pro wrestling, he certainly would not have a long run. After all, the wrestler said in an interview that he was feeling his age in the wrestling ring.

It is likely that John Cena will make appearances as special events like WrestleMania. Obviously, this is quite comparable to the special appearances of The Rock.

This year, it is possible that we could see a special appearance for John Cena or The Rock. However, considering the lack of audience, it is also possible that both might wait until live audiences return.

Cena has always been ambitious, so it is unlikely he will give up a Hollywood career for wrestling.

Of course, his Hollywood career is also part of his wrestling retirement.

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