Bindi Irwin and Father Steve
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Bindi Irwin, the 22-year-old daughter of the late “Crocodile Hunter” himself Steve Irwin, recently gave birth to her first child.

She and her husband Chandler Powell named their baby girl Grace Warrior. This week, Bindi became emotional as she discussed how her late father would have been with his first grandchild.


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Bindi Thinks About Her Dad

“It’s hard knowing that she’ll never get to actually meet him and it’s devastating because I’ll never get to watch their connection. But, I can not wait to be able to tell beautiful Grace all of these stories about dad, to be able to share with her what an amazing father he was,” Bindi told Entertainment Tonight as she began to cry.

“It’s going to be…it’s going to be really special…It’s going to be really special for her to know him through us, to tell her about what an amazing man he was.”

“It is really hard. It’s hard that he’s not here because out of everyone in the world, gosh, he would have loved her the most,” Bindi added.

“He would have loved her so much. But I think in a way he is still with us. And his heart and soul lives on in all of us and, so yeah, he’s never really gone.”

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Bindi Talks About What Kind Of Grandfather Steve Would Be

During her pregnancy, she opened up about what kind of grandfather Steve would have been to Grace. 

“He would’ve been a good, good grandpa. Yeah, he really would’ve been,” Bindi said.

“I don’t think we would’ve ever seen our daughter. He would’ve just whisked her away into the zoo and it would’ve been perfect. But it is so nice that we’ll be able to introduce her to her grandfather through all of the documentaries. It’s really special.”

Bindi’s mother Terri, Steve’s widow, agreed with her.

“He’d be over the moon,” Terri said. “I will say one thing for sure is you would never have to wonder what he would’ve worn during any of the milestones. He would’ve worn khaki to the wedding, khaki to everything.”

Bindi adores her mom and her mom’s grandmother nickname is “Bunny.”

“With my sweetheart mum being called ‘Bunny’ I had to include some woodland creatures in our nursery designs. Bunnies seemed like the perfect theme for our girl’s nursery,” Bindi said.


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Irwin Family Continues Steve’s Legacy

Steve tragically passed away back in 2006 after being stung by a stingray, and he is still missed to this day.

Here’s a sneak peek of “Crikey! It’s a Baby!” a Discovery Plus special in the tweet below. 

Bindi, Terri, and his son Robert continue his legacy by working with animals and running the Australia Zoo.

He would undoubtedly be very proud of them, and of his baby granddaughter Grace Warrior as well!

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