Watch: Man Without Arms Expertly Chops Wood Using His Chin To Wield Ax

Petr Schneider lost both of arms when he was 12, but he refuses to sit on the sidelines. See how he chops wood in these inspiring.

Petr Schneider has figured out a way to chop wood even though he has no arms. 

He lost both of his arms when he was 12-years-old, but he doesn’t let that interfere with his ability to live an independent life.

Now, the whole world can witness it by watching a viral video of him chopping wood by holding an ax underneath his chin. 

While some in this world cling to victimhood, Petr takes a different approach.

He lost his arms as a child after suffering an electric shock. Despite that fact, he can expertly cut wood.

This is a laborious and exhausting job even with arms, but Petr refuses to sit it out. He even uses the ax to pick up the logs. 

“Motivator For Friends”

The Czech man made the video as a “motivator for friends.” However, it has exploded and is being seen all over the world.

It serves as a great reminder that you are better than your excuses. 

Typically, videos that go viral often grab our attention for the wrong reason.

Someone might be behaving badly or it might be an accident.

Petr is using this opportunity to teach us about not letting anything interfere with the way we want to live our lives. Living independently can be a tremendous motivator to overcome something. 

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He Chops Wood Using His Chin

This video should be shown to students across the United States. You should never sit it out and let life pass you by.

Overcoming your obstacles is a much better alternative to victimhood. 

You can watch this remarkable video below. 

Petr can do much more than that.

He shared another video of himself doing other strenuous tasks. He is able to pick up logs and drag them to his home.

He sorts out pieces of wood after chopping them by kicking them upwards and catching them under his chin.

It’s remarkable to watch him accomplish this without opposable thumbs or arms with the precision of a world class athlete. 

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You can watch that video below. 

Man Without Arms Goes Ice Fishing

Petr doesn’t allow his disability to prevent him from doing his favorite things.

He even ice fishes.

Imagine using your chin to bring in a fish fighting on the line to break free.

This man without arms has a tremendous can do spirit. It might seem impossible, but it’s everyday life to Petr as you can see in the video below. 

More power to Petr as he shows us all how to overcome personal obstacles!

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