Liberal Journalists Demand NCAA Condemn Oral Roberts Christian Beliefs
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Oral Roberts University is the Cinderella Story of this year’s March Madness. However, it’s not sitting well with an some journalists and other woke warriors who don’t want the Christian school getting the spotlight or winning a culture war.

They want this Cinderella Story to be cancelled and banned. 

Oral Roberts Is The March Madness Cinderella Story

The Oklahoma-based school shocked everyone when kicking Ohio State out of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. The Golden Eagles advanced to play the Florida Gators next. 

Then, Oral Roberts won a second time when Florida fell to them. Now, they are in the Sweet Sixteen.

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The school’s strong evangelical policies and philosophies are not sitting well with LGTBQ+ extremists who demand everyone comply.

Basketball is a sport but to these leftwing activists, everything is culture war. 


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Evangelical School Draws Ire

Hemal Jhaveri wrote in an Op-Ed for USA Today that Oral Roberts is “wholly incompatible with the NCAA’s own stated values of equality and inclusion.”

She takes aim at the evangelical school for being evangelical. She pens that Oral Roberts’ “deeply bigoted anti-LGBTQ+ polices [sic] can’t and shouldn’t be ignored.”

Jhevari wants the NCAA to condemn the University for its support of traditional marriage and code of conduct that promotes chastity and forbids homosexuality.

From the article:

“That Oral Roberts wants to keep its students tied to toxic notions of fundamentalism that fetishize chastity, abstinence and absurd hemlines is a larger cultural issue that can be debated. What is not up for debate however is their anti-LGBTQ+ stance, which is nothing short of discriminatory and should expressly be condemned by the NCAA.”

This has nothing to do with basketball, but that doesn’t matter to the cancel culture warriors.

They want to erase anything they disagree with, so Oral Robert’s dream season is highly agitating to them.

“For The Win, USA Today Sports” wasn’t the only publication to promote this brand of anti-Christian bigotry. “Insider” also ran a story admonishing the Christian history of Oral Robert University. 

What About Other Schools?

If the NCAA were to condemn and eliminate schools that had traditional values, the Catholic schools would also be pushed out the door.

That wouldn’t sit well for their bottom line as schools like Notre Dame, Xavier, and Georgetown are traditional money makers and bring in the crowds.

It’s easier for Jhavaeri to take aim at an evangelical school because its smaller and doesn’t come with the same financial risk of excluding it.

“USA Today” also published an opinion piece saying, “Oral Roberts University’s Cinderella story need not be another battle in the culture wars.” 

The author writes:

“Perhaps, instead of such a pendulum swing against people of faith, we could agree that all persons are worthy of dignity and respect, and that civil rights should matter for everyone.”

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Oral Roberts team is diverse, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

These leftwing activists demand full submission to their opinions.


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Oral Roberts has exceeded everyone’s expectations and blown brackets across the country.

We traditionally love an underdog story and Americans don’t like their sports with a side of politics. We watch sports to escape our everyday lives. 

While it’s still an uphill battle for Oral Roberts to make it to the Elite Eight or the Final Four in March Madness, we can relish in the fact that they have dominated big schools and irritated also many woke keyboard warriors. 

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