John Crist Cancel Culture

Comedian John Crist is back with a hilarious video that highlights the absurdity of cancel culture. All it took was a quick visit to Walmart to show how people are offended by everything. 

Nothing is sacred to these sensitive leftwing activists. No brand or legacy is immune.

Crist’s video brilliantly showcases how we live in an era where loud and aggressive people are defining everything as offensive. Then these things get “canceled.” 

Aunt Jemima Has Been Canceled

Aunt Jemima, Eskimo Pies, and Cream of Wheat have all recently fallen prey to this mob. These radicals demand change no matter who it hurts.

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Christian comedian John Crist’s shopping trip highlights how easy it is to pick virtually any brand and find a way to make it “offensive”.

At the rate things are going, more brands could soon be on the chopping block because of this insanity. 

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Cancel culture activists must be miserable to spend so much time searching for things to get upset about.

Crist gets this point across beautifully in this short video as he portrays a cancel culture ninny who sets out on an agenda to be offended. 

“Do I know any minorities myself? No, I don’t, but I feel very confident speaking on their behalf on the internet,” the comedian sarcastically stated bringing attention to the fact that liberals are driving this widespread campaign of culture. 

John Crist’s Hilarious Video Hits All The Hot Buttons

Nothing was untouchable for Crist to mock. He went after environmentalists, the body positivity crowd, as well as the white liberals who are peddling this nonsense. 

“V8. Do you know what kind of emissions an engine like that puts out into the environment?,” Crist defiantly and sarcastically said. “I drive a Prius and that is cancelled.”

Anything mentioning the south is expectably vulnerable to be targeted. Crist points out how absurd it is.

Who puts so much through into such things? People with ginormous chips on their shoulders. 

“If the Dixie Chicks are canceled, then so are these plates,” the comedian said as he stood in front of the Dixie plate display. 

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“There are thousands of products in this grocery store and if I consume any of them, I also support the political and moral choices of everyone involved in that company, which makes literally no sense, but it’s 2020 and here we are,” Crist tells the audience in the video below. 

John Crist’s Return

Crist himself was recently a victim of cancel culture.

He had to cancel his tour after being accused of sexual misconduct. There was no criminal activity alleged, but he was likely targeted because of his faith.

But, as Christians know, we all falter and sin. He sat on the bench for a while, but he came back swinging with this video.

No doubt we can expect more from John Crist on the cancel culture that’s taking over everything. He’s officially back!