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In her always escalating war of words, “The View’s” Joy Behar equated Americans who were hesitant to get the vaccine to dogs.

The ladies of “The View” discussed Krispy Kreme’s offer of a free daily donut until the end of the year for anyone who has gotten a COVID-19 vaccine.

The national franchise is looking to help encourage people to get vaccinated and is willing to give sweet rewards as motivation. 

Whoopi Goldberg announced Krispy Kreme’s of free donuts and was met with mixed reviews from her co-hosts

This didn’t sit well with Behar who doesn’t think anyone should need any encouraging to get poked.

She immediately insulted anyone who is hesitant to get the vaccine. 

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“A Nation Of Golden Retrievers”

“Whoopi, we are now officially a nation of golden retrievers,” Behar responded to Goldberg.

She continued: “This is what I do to my dog. Here’s a treat. Sit, stay, roll over. I mean, come on, people. Why is this so hard to understand? Millions of people have taken the vaccine. Millions of people are okay. People are not dying. You’re dying because you didn’t take the vaccine.”

“Also you know what would help? If they would attach those stimulus checks to the vaccine, ok? You’re not going to get your check unless you get the vaccine. I bet you that would work,” she persisted. 

There is something interesting missing with Behar’s demand that everyone get vaccinated.

She fails to give credit where it is due. These vaccines were developed during the Trump Administration as part of Operation Warp Speed.

Given Joy’s dislike of former President Trump, you can bet she didn’t mention that.

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People have their reasons for not wanting to get a vaccine.

While they are lifelines to many people who are at high risk, some might want to wait a little longer before taking the plunge.

It’s a decision for people and their doctors, not talk show hosts. 

“Choice” For Vaccines

Joy Behar believes in “choice” when it comes to ending an unborn child’s life but not when it comes to this vaccine. How ironic. 

You can watch Joy lay out her case against free donuts in the video below.

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