Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, arguably the most out liberal hosts on “The View”, just took their obsession with political correctness to a whole new level. The pair called for various common words and phrases to be changed because of their “black” or “white” connotations. 

Goldberg And Behar Reveal ‘Offensive’ Words 

On Wednesday’s episode of “The View,” Goldberg got things started by saying that people need to stop calling Broadway “The Great White Way” and instead call it “The Great Bright Way.”

It should be noted that even Goldberg herself admitted that “Great White Way” refers to the lights on Broadway, which earned this nickname when lights were installed there in 1880.

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Behar, however, immediately took this point and ran with it.

“I like that, Whoopi, and you know, it’s interesting that a lot of the English language has to be rethought — blackmailing is negative, black sheep, negative … those words are kind of like embedded in our psyches and maybe need to be changed,” Behar said, according to Fox News. “Why is a black sheep a bad thing and a white sheep is a good thing? Why? They’re just sheep.”

Goldberg agreed with her cohost, saying that there is a problem with how people think of these types of words. 

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Real History Of These Phrases

Contrary to what these two liberal race-baiters said, noted that “The ‘black’ in blackmail is thought to be a play on ‘white money,’ the term for the silver coins with which tenant farmers traditionally paid their legitimate rent.”

“Black sheep” is a phrase that is used to describe an outcast from a particular group. It reportedly originated from a 16th century translation of the Book of Genesis, which reads: “All blacke shepe amonge the lambes.”

Everything Is ‘Racist’ To The Left

As you can see, none of these phrases have anything to do with race. But, of course, that didn’t stop Behar or Goldberg from shamelessly using them to fuel their race-baiting agenda.

This just goes to show how truly ridiculous the left’s racial games have become. They are willing to make anything and everything about race.

And, they will never be satisfied until absolutely everything in our culture they deem “offensive” is labelled as “racist” and erased. 

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