Tian Sha Gets Outstanding Movie-Like Introduction On NXT

Tian Sha has received an outstanding introduction on NXT, making the promotion a lot more interesting for the weeks to come.

Tian Sha has made her presence known on NXT. And Triple H made sure that the new addition to his brand would be remembered with an epic introduction.

Movie-Like Story For Tian Sha On NXT

Tian Sha on NXT 

NXT has a new addition to its division with Tian Sha. However, unlike most basic wrestling stories, Sha has a backstory that reads like an exciting novel.

According to the story, Sha is one of the children of an ancient Chinese dynasty. Her sibling allegedly killed their father and tossed her into exile. 

Take a look:

While her brother became king, Sha continued to travel in exile. During her travels, she met a dragon and asked him to teach her strength.

Unfortunately, the lesson of strength cost Sha her soul. And while she would bring back honor to her kingdom, she ruled her kingdom by fear.

Sha had the perfect setup for a good cinematic entrance and a few minions in the form of Xia Li and Boa. In short, she is a serious threat in the NXT women’s division.

More Supernatural In The WWE?

Bray Wyatt recently had a child with JoJo Offerman

The supernatural does remarkably well in the world of pro wrestling. Every promotion seems to have a supernatural being, ranging from The Fiend and Alexa Bliss to Tian Sha.

With her “supernatural” powers, Tian Sha should be doing very well indeed. Of course, it does remain to be seen how the WWE will be tackling this particular storyline.

The Fiend and Alexa Bliss have been ruling in terms of TV time. Naturally, the same could happen for Tian Sha.

While I have no worries about Tian Sha’s success on the NXT roster, I cannot say the same about the main roster. After all, Vince is known to make and break careers at the drop of a hat.

Tian Sha has a setup that could make her one of the biggest superstars on NXT and the main roster. But all this setup means nothing if Vince decides he does not like it.

The Next Step For Tian Sha?

Tian Sha on NXT

I suspect that Tian Sha will continue to get some exposure on NXT for the next couple of weeks. But contrary to other women in the division, I believe Sha will get a title opportunity relatively quickly.

The current women’s champion on NXT is quite the dominant one. After all, Io Shirai has held the title since last June. 

With Shirai being a dominant champion, and the huge introduction for Tian Sha, I believe the latter is a serious threat to the current women’s champion. 

Tian Sha has a couple of minions behind her, which bring some serious attack power. So Io Shirai might find that Sha poses a massive threat to her championship reign in the months to come.

Of course, Shirai could be looking at a call up to the main roster soon. In which case, losing the women’s title is only a natural progression.

It is only a matter of time before Sha makes her way to Io Shirai. Maybe Shirai should be looking at some backup of her own?

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