NXT CM Punk Goldberg

With the NBC Sports Network shutting down, NXT looks to be off Wednesdays. Also, CM Punk praised Goldberg in a surprise move.

NXT Likely Off Wednesdays

The sports world took a major hit the past few days. We learned the NBC Sports Network is shutting down and the aftermath will likely cause big WWE changes.

At this point, details are still be worked out. But, there is a very good chance NXT is done airing on Wednesday nights.

Typically, the NHL has double-header games on Wednesdays and they need a new home. The leading candidate is at least one game will air on the USA Network.

Therefore, NXT will have to air on another day. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted Tuesdays and Thursdays are the top options.

“Here’s another part, the NXT contract ends with the television, it ends in October,” said Meltzer. “The NHL, if they re-sign with NBC would start a regular season in October.”

“That when it would normally start, unlike this year when it was all freaked up. Yeah, usually around October.”

Right now, WWE’s contract with the USA Network for NXT ends in October. 

There is no telling if this is good news for WWE. Since they started airing NXT against AEW, the upstart promotion usually wins and in dominant fashion.

Going to a separate night might allow NXT to garner more viewers. Currently, AEW is winning in viewership and the key demographic.

Although, the lack of competition could also hurt NXT and/or AEW. It’s a very tricky situation for all involved.

As for RAW on Monday, that could also cause some problems with the NHL playoffs. It is possible RAW might have to switch days for several weeks or months.

The NBC Sports Network will officially close in 2021. At this time, no exact date was provided.

CM Punk Shockingly Praises Goldberg

CM Punk's WWE Backstage Return

WWE likes to bring back names from the past to wrestle, even after they pass 50 years old. At great example is Goldberg.

Over the last few years, Goldberg has worked several high-profile matches for WWE. In some of those encounters, he fought future Hall of Famers and even left as champion.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Goldberg is taking on Drew McIntyre at the Royal Rumble. If Goldberg wins, he will be the oldest WWE Champion in history.

Usually, pushing someone past their prime over young talent is something CM Punk would crap all over. Instead, he thinks Goldberg brilliant when it come to making business decisions.

Now, it does not seem like Punk is joking around. And when you think about, Goldberg is doing the right thing.

At 54 years old, Goldberg cannot wrestle a full-time schedule. He is lucky enough to wrestle twice a year.

His matches are never anything impressive. He hits a few spears and then a jackhammer before getting the win.

For a few minutes of work, Goldberg is probably banking something in the million dollar range. That might be a better deal than Brock Lesnar.

Still, Goldberg needs to make sure he is careful inside the ring. He nearly broke Undertaker’s neck in their lone match.