Lady Gaga dog-walker

The FBI now is reportedly working on the case with the LAPD to get to the bottom of why Lady Gaga’s two French Bulldogs were stolen and who shot her dog-walker.

Video surveillance(see below) of the crime has been released in hopes that someone might recognize the suspects or their car.

Dog lovers will need to hold onto their hats because it is absolutely heartbreaking to watch.

Ryan Fischer was walking the singer’s three French Bulldogs, Gustav, Koji and Miss Asia, while she is away from her California home.

They were on North Sierra Bonita Avenue before 10 pm when a car pulled up alongside. Two men jumped out and yelled, “Give it up!”

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Dog-Walker Shot In Chest

Fischer attempted to fight back. He even yelled for one of the dogs before he was shot in the chest by the dognappers. He fell to the sidewalk and the two men jumped back into the car, each carrying a dog. 

The third dog, Miss Asia, ran over to Fischer as the car sped away. He screamed for help as blood rushed from his chest. He is recovering in the hospital.

Local resident Buck Angel called 911. He believes these dogs were specifically targeted since the shooting occurred in front of a home that has been vacant for years.

“When they [police] arrived I came out and saw my neighbor from across the street giving aid to the man who was shot,” Angel said. “He was compressing his chest, trying to stop the bleeding. He was saving his life.

“I actually thought he was dead. He was shot once, I believe, even though there were two gunshots,” the Good Samaritan added. “The injured guy told our neighbor as he was compressing the wound, ‘Those were Lady Gaga’s dogs — so that’s how we found out’.”

There aren’t witnesses to the crime, but there is surveillance video. Take a look.

Lady Gaga Might Be Targeted For Political Reasons

French Bulldogs can fetch between $1500 and $5000. Unfortunately, Lady Gaga’s dogs are not reportedly not microchipped so a vet won’t be alerted if they are brought in for treatment. 

But, authorities believe this dognapping might be politically motivated since Lady Gaga sang at President Biden’s inauguration last month. It’s also possible the dogs were targeted for ransom.

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The singer is offering a $500,000 reward for the return of her two dogs.

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