Larry King Betrays Widow By Leaving Her Out Of His Handwritten Will

Larry King completely excluded his wife Shawn from his final will. He wanted his estate to be equally divided among his five children.

Larry King was apparently on good terms with his wife when he died last month, but he still left her out of his will.

The CNN legend’s final will was handwritten in 2019, the same year he filed for divorce from Shawn Southwick King. However, their divorce was never finalized. 

“This is my Last Will & Testament. It should replace all previous writings,” Larry King penned. His fortune was to be divided evenly to his children Andy, Chaia, Larry Jr, Chance, and Cannon.

King completely stiffed her, leaving his estate to his five children, two of whom have already passed away. 

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The talk show host was married eight times to seven different women.

Two Children Already Died

Two of King’s children passed away mere months before their father.

Andy died of a heart attack in July while Chaia lost her battle with lung cancer in August.

Andy and Chaia were both children with former Playboy bunny Alene Akins. King married Akins twice. He adopted Andy, who Akins had prior to their first marriage in 1961. After the couple divorced and the married again, they had Chaia.

The CNN talk show host allegedly never updated his will after losing Andy and Chaia in 2020. 


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Right now, Larry Jr. is seeking to be appointed administrator of the estate and is citing King’s 2019 divorce filing. 

Shawn and Larry King were married for 22 years. His marriage to Shawn was his longest of King’s marriages and they had two sons, Chance and Cannon.

“We were able to do FaceTime in the hospital and it was hard for him to talk, but the one message that he wanted to make sure I heard was, ‘I love you, take care of the boys,’” Shawn said about her final conversation with Larry before he died. 

“Larry and I, you know, we never finalized our divorce,” Shawn said shortly her husband’s death. King died at the age of 87 in late January.

She continued: “In my heart, I didn’t think it was really going to happen and it never did. We were partners in every sense of the way, in business, and in, well, first in our family and then in business. But we’re a close family. You know, family is the most important thing, and God.”

Larry King’s Estate Estimated At $50 Million

The initial estimate of King’s personal property is approximately $2 million, but his net worth is thought to be much higher. The Daily Mail reports that King’s estate is estimated to be $50 million. 

That’s a big fortune that he wanted to keep from his wife. 

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