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Tim Allen has been in the entertainment business for decades, appearing in such beloved shows as “Home Improvement” and “Last Man Standing” as well as movies like Toy Story and The Santa Claus.

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Allen Reveals 25 Facts About Himself

After so many years of fame, fans might think that they know everything about Allen, but he just showed everyone how wrong this assertion is by revealing 25 things about himself that the public likely never knew about!

Allen revealed the following surprising facts about himself in an interview with US Weekly, and you should prepare yourself to be very surprised by some of them:

1. The book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance [by Robert M. Pirsig] changed my life. I love motorcycles.

2. Women were a strong influence in my life when I was growing up.

We love that! 

3. I am one of nine kids.

4. I worked at a sporting goods store when I was younger.

5. Matthew McConaughey used to be my neighbor. He [was] a great [one].

Alright, Alright, Alright!

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6. I have the original Tool Time set from Home Improvement in my garage.

7. I like Spam — there I said it.

8. I love reading about different religions.

9. One of my favorite Home Improvement scripts [took place] up in the International Space Station.

10. I talk a lot at the screen [while] watching movies and commercials on TV.

11. I like to make friends with spiders.

12. When I appear on a talk show, I rearrange the furniture in my dressing room.

13. I’ve met the real Santa Claus. He was a consultant on my [Santa Clause] films.

How cute is that?!

Allen Reveals More Surprising Facts 

14. I would eat the same meal every day.

15. I would wear the same clothes every day.

16. I think I have lived many lifetimes.

17. [The] best advice I’ve ever received was: “A grateful heart has no room for resentment.”

18. I like studying quantum physics.

19. If I weren’t a comedian, I would be a designer.

Who would have thought?!

20. My favorite part of school was shop class.

21. Richard Pryor made me choose comedy. His stuff made me laugh ’til I was almost sick.

22. My favorite fast food is White Castle and Chick-fil-A.

23. I love the mountains in Colorado. I was born in Denver.

24. I always wanted to be a semi truck driver or a bulldozer operator.

25. The Sound of Music is one of my top 10 [favorite] movies.

Now that’s a movie we never would have expected to be his favorite!

Allen Talks Politics 

Allen has long been known as one of the few actors in Hollywood who has not been afraid to poke fun at liberals.

He recently opened up in another interview about how he identifies politically.

“I’m a fiscally conservative and an emotionally liberal guy,” Allen told Entertainment Tonight. “I want people taken care of on the social side. I think most people are like that. If you think the government can handle stuff, just look at the rollout of this vaccine.”

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The more we learn about Allen, the more it makes us love him!

He truly is one of the most unique stars working in Hollywood today. 

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