Tim Allen condemns shameful Capitol riots fiscally closet conservatives

“Fiscally conservative” Tim Allen has long been known as one of the few stars in Hollywood who is not afraid to poke fun at liberals on his show “Last Man Standing.” In a new interview, Allen made a point to publicly condemn the pro-Trump riots that turned violent at the Capitol last week as “shameful.”

Tim Allen Talks Politics 

While Allen condemned the riots, he also suggested that conservatives are all being lumped together unfairly in the wake of what happened in Washington D.C.

He then appeared to push back a bit on being labeled a conservative himself. The former “Home Improvement” star says that he is fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

“I’m a fiscally conservative and an emotionally liberal guy,” Allen told Entertainment Tonight. “I want people taken care of on the social side. I think most people are like that. If you think the government can handle stuff, just look at the rollout of this vaccine.”

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Tim Allen Condemns Capitol Riots

The comedic actor went on to blast the Capitol riots as “horrible, embarrassing, and shameful,” throwing in some criticism of President Trump.

“Why didn’t the powers-that-be go [to the Capitol]?” Allen questioned. “When I was watching that, I felt that the president should have been a stand-up guy and go there with his security and say, ‘Hey, come on. No, no, no, no.’ Maybe they don’t allow that.”

When the interviewer said that Trump could have told the rioters to go home without actually going there himself, Allen replied, “He could do whatever he wanted. Go there yourself. Say, ‘Come on out, people… I never said any of this. That was not in that speech. I never said, Go storm the Capitol,’ or whatever.”

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Tim Allen Questions Whether Capitol Rioters Had Help

However, Allen later questioned how the rioters were actually able to breach the Capitol without some kind of help from the inside:

“I’ve been there before and it’s impossible to get in that building,” Allen says. “I couldn’t get in, and I had credentials. They wouldn’t let us in. So who opened the door? I got to believe that people at the back [of the crowd] didn’t know that they had broken the door. They were going, ‘Oh look, they’re letting us in.’ There were 120,000 people outside that had no idea this was going on. [Ashli E. Babbitt] who was shot was not a radical, she was an Air Force veteran. Why was she shot? It’s so sad anybody got hurt over this.”

“Let’s bring journalism back,” he added. “I want the guys with the pencil behind their ear and go out and get the story. I miss reporters that were annoying and just asked questions, asked questions, asked questions — not [gave] their opinion. Go look at local news. If they say there’s a fire in Burbank, that’s news. The reporter is not telling you, ‘It’s a remarkable fire caused by stupid people of this [political] party.'”

Conservatives Are ‘In The Closet Now’

Allen then lamented the fact that in the wake of this riot, anyone who is remotely conservative, “even by a variance of degrees,” are “in the closet now.”

“If you were just on the other side of the [political] fence, you’re in the closet now because of how shamefully that was handled,” he says. “It’s an embarrassment for anybody who just didn’t like [the Democratic Party]. So there’s nothing to say. It would be a great thing to see [Joe Biden] — and everybody wants him to do well — say, ‘That was a stupid thing, let’s move on, don’t keep harping on it.’ But I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

Given how vapid and radically liberal most Hollywood stars are, Tim Allen’s takes on politics and culture are always refreshing. Even when we may not completely agree. 

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