UPDATE: Piers Morgan APOLOGIZES After Blasting Liz Hurley For Nearly Topless Photo – ‘Put Your Clothes On’

Piers Morgan blasted Liz Hurley for her recent nearly topless photo, telling the 55 year-old actress to "put your clothes on."

Today, British television personality Piers Morgan apologized after letting loose on former “Austin Powers” actress Liz Hurley on Tuesday, blasting her for posting topless photos of herself on social media.

The “Good Morning Britain” host’s apology came after the actress quickly took to Twitter following Piers’ harsh comments.

In her tweet, Hurley reposted the spicy images and clarified that her mother, Angela, was the photographer, not her 18-year-old son Damian as Piers originally assumed.

In response, Piers said today, “I would like to apologize to Elizabeth Hurley. I called her thirsty… the point is, I inadvertently followed the newspaper lead that it was her son.”

While the brash host did walk back some of his criticism, he couldn’t help but end with a barb.

“Apparently, it was her mum… how long did you keep your 80-year-old mother out in the snow to take these pictures? I’m not buying a word of this, I reckon it was Damien… it is creepy if your teenage son took these photos.”



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Piers Lets Loose On Hurley

Daily Mail reported that after Hurley shared the photo on Monday night, Piers slammed the 55-year-old actress, branding her “thirsty and creepy.” He said this because she typically has her son Damian, who is actually 18, take these photos of her.

“Yeah, she looks fabulous, but what are you doing Liz? A bit of snow and you get your kit off…” Piers said, referring to the photo that featured Hurley nearly baring her breasts with snow in the background. 

“And who took the pictures?” he added. ‘Your 19-year-old son, you said, took the pictures? Isn’t that creepy? What is all this! It’s what we call in the business ‘thirsty and creepy.'”

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Piers’ “Good Morning Britain” cohost Susanna Reid tried to defend Hurley, saying, “You can’t accuse other people of being thirsty when you’re on national television and you have at least two columns and you’re on every single podcast.”

When Piers denied that he is “thirsty,” Reid fired back, “It means thirsty of attention!”

“No, no, no. They’re thirsty for me!” he responded. 

“Thirsty” is defined by Urban Dictionary as: “too eager to get something; desperate. This desperation could be in reference to anything — compliments, validation, attention — but it is most frequently used to specifically mean desperate for sex.”

He Keeps Up The Attack

Piers did not stop there, however, as he continued his attack on Hurley.

“You can think two things when you look at it – one, she looks great. Which she does. But also, 55? Getting your 19-year-old son to take pictures of you stripping off in the snow?” added Piers, who happens to be 55 himself. 

Reid continued to defend Hurley, questioning why “after women go over 50 are they not allowed to bare any flesh?”

Piers still refused to back down, closing the segment out by saying, “Come on, you can think she looks great but come on! You’re 55 – put your clothes on.”

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You can hear the exhange here:

Liz Hurley Responds To Criticism

Hurley has since fired back on Twitter to claim that it was actually her elderly mother, and not her son, who took the topless photos of her.

“Far be it for me to suggest the tabloids get their facts muddled, but these pics were in fact taken by my 80 year old mother,” Hurley tweeted. “Not entirely sure if that puts minds at rest or not.”

We can see both sides of the coin on this controversy.

In Hurley’s defense, it’s really none of Morgan’s business what photos of herself that she chooses to post online. And he can certainly unfollow her if he finds her content to be offensive.

However, we can also see Morgan’s point that it is a bit pathetic for Hurley to still be posting such photos of herself online at her age, and the frequency with which she does this certainly does indicate that she is a bit full of herself. 

If you have a strong opinion on who is in the right here, let us know in the comments section!

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