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Source: Screenshot YouTube Source: Screenshot YouTube
January 10, 2023
Judge Judy is speaking out against Prince Harry, accusing him of being "selfish and ungrateful" for bashing the royals in…
Source: Screenshot YouTube Source: Screenshot YouTube
September 6, 2022
Joan Collins questions whether Meghan Markle and Prince Harry need to be given "more oxygen," as she's seemingly had enough…
Piers Morgan Good Morning Britain ratings Meghan Markle
Source: Screenshot YouTube
August 20, 2021
"Good Morning Britain" insiders told Daily Mail they're desperate for Piers Morgan to return as ratings continue to plummet in…
Piers Morgan Liz Hurley
January 26, 2021
Piers Morgan blasted Liz Hurley for her recent nearly topless photo, telling the 55 year-old actress to "put your clothes…
Piers Morgan Harry Meghan Good Morning Britain poll Queen strip Royal titles
January 5, 2021
Piers Morgan polled viewers on whether the Queen should strip Harry and Meghan of their royal titles for "using" Archie…
Piers Morgan Prince Harry Meghan Markle awards Queen's Honors List
December 8, 2020
Piers Morgan is outraged that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle filed paperwork to hold their own "woke" awards to rival…
Piers Morgan whining Meghan Markle Fortune Speech Good Morning Britain
October 1, 2020
Piers Morgan let loose on "yapping, whining" Meghan Markle and Prince Harry after a Fortune speech in which Markle tries…
Emma Watson
December 11, 2019
While promoting her upcoming film 'Little Women', actress Emma Watson doubled down on her statement that she's self-partnered, not single.