Piers Morgan Slams Harry And Megan For Launching Their Own ‘Woke’ Awards To ‘Rival’ Queen’s Honors List

Piers Morgan Prince Harry Meghan Markle awards Queen's Honors List

“Good Morning Britain” host Piers Morgan couldn’t contain his outrage upon hearing that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were launching their own “woke” awards that he believes will compete with the Queen’s Honors List.

His reaction followed the announcement earlier this week that Harry and Meghan filed paperwork in California that will allow them to hand out their own “woke” awards to those who excel in areas that they hold dear to their hearts.

Given how radically liberal Harry and Meghan are, Piers expects many of these awards to be doled out to those fighting for leftwing social justice causes.

Piers Morgan Outraged At Harry And Meghan’s Competing Version Of Queen’s Honors List

Many were outraged when news of this broke, including brash British television personality Piers Morgan.

The “Good Morning Britain” host called the couple out for allegedly trying to compete with Queen Elizabeth’s Honors List.

The Queen’s Birthday Honours List is typically announced twice a year and recognizes people who make a difference in causes dear to her. 

The Sun reported on Monday that Harry and Meghan had filed paperwork to give out their own awards, saying that they want to celebrate “charitable service, education, science, literature, racial justice, gender equity, environmental stewardship, youth empowerment, health and mental health.”

Morgan, however, was not having any of it.

Piers Morgan Obliterates Harry And Meghan For Rival Awards 

“It is just a story in the papers. They have applied for their own rival Honors List. Who are these people?” he said on his talk show “Good Morning Britain.”

His cohost Susanna Reid jumped to Harry and Meghan’s defense, saying, “What is wrong with you? It is not a rival Honours List. It is an awards ceremony. To reward people who have achieved incredible things.”

“Yeah that’s what the Honors List is, that’s what the royals do,” Morgan fired back. “Your absolute dream would be if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave you an award for your services to woke journalism.”

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You can watch the fiery exchange in the video below.

Morgan went on to add that he wasn’t trying to make a “dig” at the couple, and was instead just reading the news.

“Have you ever met a couple more determined to invade their own privacy,” he added.

Piers was of course referring to the frequent calls for privacy from Harry and Meghan.

These calls have been met with an increasing amount of skepticism as of late, however.

How could they not when Harry and Meghan always seem to find a way to thrust themselves back into the headlines as soon as people stop paying attention to them for a minute?

Harry And Meghan Respond To Backlash

Since the backlash against them began over this, Harry and Meghan have released a statement denying that they were trying to compete with the Queen’s Honors List: 

“We look forward to sharing more about Archewell’s work in the weeks ahead but any suggestion that it is intended to rival the UK Honors List is false. Furthermore, the trademark application has followed the normal course of business for the US Trademark process and any suggestion otherwise is also false.”

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Harry and Meghan can deny that they are trying to compete with or be like the Queen all they want to, but it seems clear that that’s exactly what they are doing.

The Queen has used her Honors List for decades to honor people from all different backgrounds, political beliefs, and walks of life.

We have no doubt that Harry and Meghan planned to take this idea and twist it into their own far-left, “woke” awards ceremony. This might allow the former Royals to both to feel like the King and Queen of their own kingdom.

Picture this: the Duke and Duchess handing out trophies to people who please them by being as radically progressive as possible.

Kudos to Piers Morgan for calling Harry and Meghan out on their audacity.