Lena Dunham Dreams Of Being Hunter Biden’s ‘Beautiful Wife’

"Girls" actress and far left activist Lena Dunham gets a lot of blowback after dreaming about being Hunter Biden's "beautiful wife."

Actress and far left political activist Lena Dunham has her eyes set on one of the Bidens trying to keep a low profile. She is so obsessed with Joe Biden that she wants to marry his son Hunter. 

Hunter Biden has a plethora of legal problems involving drugs, national security concerns, and unscrupulous business practices to name a few. He even dated his brother Beau’s widow for a time. His refusal to accept his child born out of wedlock isn’t deterring the starry eyed “Girls” actress who dreams of being part of the Biden White House. 

Lena Dunham’s Questionable Choices

“I cannot wait to spend holidays at the White House when I am Hunter Biden’s beautiful wife,” Dunham tweeted the day after the Inauguration. 

This isn’t her first time doing something outlandish. Lena Dunham has a history of questionable choices and decisions that aren’t just relegated to her political leanings.

In 2019, she forced a kiss on Brad Pitt who clearly was not consenting to locking lips with the untraditional star. Dunham, who is outspoken on sexual assault, didn’t take issue with forcing herself on Pitt. 

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Hunter Biden’s Red Flags

Hunter Biden was given scant coverage from the media in the final weeks of the presidential campaign. Even though he is currently under investigation by the Justice Department. They are looking into his finances as well as connections to business dealings in China.

However, Lena Dunham still sees the married father as a potential suitor. 

Now, Dunham is attempting to throw Hunter front and center back into the spotlight. The actress has no concern over the fact that the younger Biden is now remarried with a baby with his new wife – and a two year child with former stripper Lunden Roberts.

The reaction to Dunham’s dream was about what you might expect. Many people pointed out how there wasn’t a chance of it happening for a bunch of reasons. 

There were plenty of objections to Lena Dunham’s description of herself.

One tweeted even referred to it as a “match made in hell.”

This attention-seeking tweet from Dunham probably didn’t go the way she intended. And, it’s unlikely to get her a formal invitation to the White House. She should stick to acting if you can call it that…

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