‘Feminist’ Lena Dunham Forces Kiss on Brad Pitt, Now She’s Being Called a Hypocrite

You know she would be sounding the alarm had this happened to her or any other woman.

HBO “Girls” actress Lena Dunham is as well known for her strong feminist opinions on sexual assault as she is for her uncomfortable nude scenes. She will soon be known for her hypocrisy after she kissed Brad Pitt against his will in London this week.

Brad Pitt looks painfully uncomfortable

Pitt didn’t even appear to make eye contact with Dunham as she put her arms around him and went in for a kiss from the A-list actor. Leonardo DiCaprio stood next to them at the world premiere of Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time…in Hollywood.

It’s rather clear that Brad Pitt was not consenting to the feminist actress’s groping. After all, he’s certainly entitled to decide who touches him and whose lips touch his. He just wasn’t into it, but that didn’t matter to the left-wing actress who went in for an open-mouthed smooch. Lena Dunham broke the rules she demands all men follow.

It’s fair to ask how the mainstream media would have handled this situation had the genders of the actors been reversed. Social justice warriors and their comrades in the press would have likely issued battle cries demanding Brad Pitt become a pariah.

The double standard in feminism

Dunham certainly would have been openly raging had a man done this to her, but she was not concerned with Pitt’s feelings and consent to her sexual advances. She put the actor in the awkward position of having to be polite for the cameras.

Earlier this year, Dunham detailed her struggles with dating and her awkwardness. But, that is no excuse for her to invade Brad Pitt’s personal space or plant her lips on his without his consent.

The “Girls” actress has a detailed history of speaking out on sexual assault. In the video below, she even explains that sexual assault goes well beyond rape and can include making someone uncomfortable in situations like the one she put Brad Pitt in at Wednesday’s movie premiere.

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