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Liberal actress Lena Dunham took to Twitter on Father’s Day to bash fathers. The not very svelte star who likes to often be naked, realized that the tweet was in poor taste even for someone with her lack of decency. She deleted it, but not before it was screenshot.

Donald Trump, Jr. noticed the man bashing tweet before it was deleted. He pointed out Dunham’s hypocrisy.

Lena’s Mother’s Day tweet was quite different than the one she issued yesterday. She praised mothers and glorified abortion, which ironically is the opposite of why we celebrate Mother’s Day.

Dunham tried to backpedal after deleting her tweet. Of course she painted herself as a victim saying that anyone who challenged the swords she threw at Fathers on Father’s Day isn’t respectful of all types families.

The Hillary Clinton supporter just highlighted her own hypocrisy. Lena Dunham’s two tweets show that she isn’t respectful of all families. She clearly has a grudge against traditional fathers. And that’s hateful!

Source: Daily Wire

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