Porch Pirate stuck in snow

The karma train came quickly for a porch pirate who tried to grab a package from someone’s doorstep. Trying to make a quick getaway was not in the cards for him! His car got stuck in the snow as he attempted to flee. Then police removed him from his car and hauled him off to jail.

These videos will have anyone who has had a package stolen cheering. Immediate justice was served up without losing whatever was in the box.

This went down in Ontario Canada. The homeowner was wise to film it as many people are enjoying the instant karma and now police have documentation of the crime as well.

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Stuck In A Snow Bank

The video begins when the homeowner opens his door to see a man on his porch. As the criminal scrambles to his car, which is parked in the victim’s driveway, the homeowner yells at him “That’s dumb, you’re dumb!”

The thief didn’t properly prepare for the huge snow pile in the road next to the driveway. He backed up right into it as he tried to escape. And, he was caught red-handed.

The getaway car was a Toyota Yaris. As many experienced northern drivers know, a front wheel drive car will not go forward when the wheels aren’t on the ground.

The porch pirate was stuck without much hope of getting away. As much as he tried, he could not free his car from the snow bank.

WATCH the first video below.

Police Arrest Porch Pirate

The gig was officially up soon after that when Peel Police Officers showed up. They ordered the thief out of his car. The cops immediately cuffed his hands behind his back and arrested the 33-year-old man. He is now facing one count of fraud and one count of theft.

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The arrest video below will be like candy to anyone who has been robbed by a porch pirate.

A court date for the January 4th arrest will come at a later date. The video taken by the victim will certainly be helpful to the prosecutor. All porch pirates should watch this and learn that crime doesn’t pay!

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