Kansas City Chiefs Owner Thanks God For Blessings As Team Heads To Super Bowl

Kansas City Chief owner Clark Hunt praised God winning the AFC Championship. "The Lord has blessed our family in so many ways," he said.

The Kansas City Chiefs are headed back to the Super Bowl. Their success is based on teamwork, a tremendous amount of talent, and an abundance of hard work. Faith also plays an important part in the NFL team’s success. 

Clark Hunt Is A Devout Christian

Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt also encourages faith among the team members. As a devout Christian, he wants the players to know they don’t have to leave their faith behind when it’s time to play ball. He encourages them to develop their spiritual life by fostering a culture of faith. 

Last year, Hunt’s faith was front and center when the team won the Super Bowl. He doesn’t shy away from it.

After the Chiefs clinched the AFC Championship by , the owner was back to thanking God and acknowledging Him for bringing such blessings. 

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“I’m so honored to accept this trophy on behalf of this incredible team, and the best fans in the National Football League,” the Chiefs owner said. “The Lord has blessed our family in so many ways. Coach (Andy) Reid, what a game today. Great job today. My dad would love the grit and determination of this team.”

Political correctness would dictate that religious beliefs should not be publicly shared. But, Hunt doesn’t subscribe to that.

All eyes and cameras were on him when he spoke about God’s blessings. 


Glory Belongs To God

After winning last year’s AFC Championship, Hunt said in front of the cameras that all the glory belongs to God. 

In addition, he gives players the opportunity to live out their faith. Prior to the pandemic, fans were able to attend nondenominational pregame chapel services at the stadium on home game days. 

Hunt realized that many fans had to skip church to attend the game. So, he brought it all together in one place. Jesus and football apparently go well together. 

“My identity is my faith in Christ,” Hunt proclaimed. 

BACKSTORY: KC Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt Encourages A Christian Culture Of Faith On The Team

Team Bible Studies And Chapel Services

Team Bible studies have helped players remain faithful and centered on Jesus. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes appreciates that he can bring his love of Jesus with him to work. The Chiefs don’t have to leave their religion at the door. 

“That will help us kind of keep up and not lose track where we are at with our faith,” Mahomes said about team Bible studies.

“That is huge for me. It gives me that last thing that can help me know I can just go out there and play and be myself and whatever happens, I know God has my back.”

Patrick Mahomes shares the love off the field as well:

The Kansas City Chiefs square off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV on February 7th. 

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