Barstool Sports Rescues Small Businesses After Being Targeted By Cancel Culture

Just months after refusing to bend to cancel culture, Dave Portnoy rescued seventy two businesses with the Barstool Fund.

A few months ago, cancel culture went after Barstool Sports’ founder Dave Portnoy’s. However, Portnoy refused to take a knee and apologize. Many small business owners are now glad that Portnoy stood his ground against leftist activists. He changed a lot of lives by establishing a fund to save mom-and-pop businesses.

Barstool Sports is leading the way where government has failed during the coronavirus pandemic. Many small businesses are being crushed by burdensome regulations and changes to the economy. Barstool set up a fund to give money directly to these business owners without government red tape.

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Millions Of Dollars Donated To The Barstool Fund

Donations have been pouring into the Barstool Fund to the tune of over $17 million dollars. Portnoy generously seeded the account with a half a million dollars of his own money in early December.

So far, 62 businesses have been directly helped from generous donations of Americans.

This completely cuts through government red tape to directly aid businesses on the brink of closing because of the pandemic.

Some of these businesses have been around for a century. Others are family run companies just trying to stay open for the next generation to take the reins. All of them are hurting and getting a lifeline from Portnoy and generous donations from the fund means the world to them.

Portnoy, who goes by the nickname El Presidente, has tweeted emotional videos from these business owners as they learn they are being supported through the fund. That has propelled even more people to donate.

Tom Brady Takes Notice 

Legendary quarterback Tom Brady took notice and opened his wallet when he witnessed the owner of Siebert’s Clothing fight back tears during a video chat with Portnoy. You can see the emotional exchange here:

“Once you are in our program, we will pay whatever you need, the necessities you need, the money you need to get through this thing and give you a fair chance to run your business,” El Presidente said. “These people aren’t going out of business because they’re not successful or not making money, it’s because they have no other choice. They’ve been dealt a hand that nobody could play.”

Portnoy celebrated the Buffalo Bills win by saving the city’s longest operating restaurant Eagle House. Watch the owner of Eagle House in this candid video:

Cancel Culture On The Hunt For Portnoy

If the left had it’s way, these businesses wouldn’t be rescued.

Cancel culture galloped after the President of Barstool Sports last summer.

Portnoy makes fun of everyone. Nobody is off limits and that really upsets those who cling to victimhood and hurt feelings. They especially take exception to the fact that Barstool doesn’t apologize for being a masculine website. 

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The internet mob went after him and Barstool Sports hard because Portnoy compared Colin Kaepernick to Osama bin Laden … among other things. They tried to smear him as a racist and targeted him for voting for Donald Trump.

Portnoy refused to bend. Everyone can take a lesson from how he handled it.

He said he was “not going to apologize,” and that “sensitivities change, cultures change. When you’ve been doing it as long as we have, things f–king change. … I’m not going to bend the knee.”

He called an emergency press conference to rally the troops to support him. Take a look:

Now, Portnoy is rallying the troops to help small businesses who have taken a brutal beating because of government regulations and economic shifts during the pandemic. 

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