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A kind gesture can change someone’s life. That’s what happened to a grandma who serves people daily with a smile at an Idaho McDonald’s. A Secret Santa gifted the hard-working grandma a car and so much more knowing that she couldn’t afford reliable transportation.

Diana Boldman works hard at the fast food restaurant at Idaho Falls, Idaho when she got a surprise beyond her wildest dreams. She doesn’t just work behind the counter at McDonald’s. To make extra money, she also delivers 150 newspapers before she clocks in. 

Secret Santa Learned Cash Was Tight For Diana Boldman

Times are tough for the Boldmans. Her husband Cameron is disabled so she does double duty to make ends meet.

Unfortunately, with cash so tight they haven’t been able to afford a decent set of wheels. 

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Their minivan has over 240,000 miles and keeps breaking down. That car is their lifeline to get Diana to work.

They would have to call their daughter at 3 am to jump the battery so they could deliver newspapers. Secret Santa heard about this and new he needed to help the Boldmans. 

Nate Eaton is a news manager for East Idaho News. For the past few years, he’s been working with a generous donor to help make some dreams come true for people in the area. 

Diana was finishing her shift at McDonald’s when Eaton strolled in with cameras. As any grandma would, Diane welcomed Nate to the restaurant.

This friendly woman recognized him and had seen him give gifts to other people. She still wasn’t suspecting anything until he handed her $5000 in gift cards. 

Then the Secret Santa handed grandma Diana a set of keys and asked her to come outside the McDonalds to see her new 2019 Hyundai Tucson.

It’s truly a beautiful thing to witness. Something unbelievable happened to someone who clearly wasn’t expecting it yet need it so desperately. 


Husband Is Stunned By Generous Gift

When grandma Diana drove the car home from McDonald’s, her husband was stunned.

Nate Eaton’s generosity was both overwhelming and life changing for this couple. 

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For Diana’s husband of 42 years, the new SUV came as a shock.

“Right after the interview with Nate Eaton was over, Diana calls me in tears and says, ‘Cam, I need to pick you up in about five minutes. I want you to drive the new SUV that just was given to us. We need to go down to the dealership and get the papers,'” Cameron told TODAY.

Now, delivering newspapers each morning is a joy.

“The new car is so nice to drive. It has 4-wheel drive and I’ve been using that on the icy roads on our paper route. We feel much safer,” gushed Cameron.

God bless Secret Santa Nick for his kind gift of a car and Grandma Diana Boldman for working hard to spread joy at her Idaho McDonald’s.

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