Al Sharpton Tennessee State professor taxpayer funding race baiting

In yet another blow to common sense on college campuses, Tennessee State University has hired Al Sharpton as a visiting professor teaching “political science grounded in social justice.”

Tennessee State is a public university and thus it is taxpayer funded. In fact, billions of American taxpayer dollars help to fund higher education each year. 

Last year, President Trump notably threatened to suspend federal funding if colleges and universities fail to protect free speech on campus.

Apparently, Tennessee State was nonplussed by this threat and instead is picking up the torch of social justice with their new hire.

Crown Heights And Tawana Bradley

If you ask me, the great Rev. Al Sharpton is most qualified to teach anti-Semitism, race baiting, tax evasion, and self promotion.

Sharpton somehow continues to evade responsibility for his roles in inciting riots against Jewish people in Crown Heights, and also the Tawana Bradley case when she falsely accused four White Duke lacrosse players of raping her.

Sharpton jumped in to stir up hostility in both cases and even violence against Jewish people in New York.

The Reverend also lost a defamation lawsuit for falsely accusing a prosecutor of attacking Bradley. 

Still, Sharpton continues being propped up and given a stage by Democrats, the media, and now Tennessee State.

Yet this man has been chosen to teach and shape impressionable young minds. 

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Al Sharpton’s Race Baiting

Tennessee State University President Glenda Glover applauded the man who fueled the fires of anti-Semitism by saying Sharpton has been an important part of shaping history.

Technically I guess that is true. He did shape history, but in an ugly fashion.

“We are excited to have the Rev. Al Sharpton, a civil rights icon, serve as a distinguished guest lecturer at our university,” President Glenda Glover said in the University’s announcement. “His presence means our students will be able to engage with a piece of history at a time when his insight is more relevant than ever before.”

“Not only does Rev. Sharpton know American history and the role African Americans have played to shape that history, he has been an intricate piece of it as well,” Glover added. “This will be an amazing opportunity for our students to learn from an individual who comes from the pages of the history books they are reading, and to gain knowledge directly from the source.”

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Sharpton should be a part of history books, but not in a flattering way. He continues to refuse to apologize for his involvement in the murders in Crown Heights or the Tawana Bradley case. 

Now the taxpayers of Tennessee are helping fund Sharpton as he becomes a “Distinguished Guest Lecturer.”

Parents are already wondering if college is even worth it. Tuition is so expensive these days. Plus there is so much liberal bias.

Well, Tennessee State just doubled down on that bias by hiring Sharpton. 

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