TNT veteran Sting AEW Dynamite Appearances

There is some important news about the upcoming AEW Dynamite appearances for TNT veteran Sting. We now also know when the wrestling legend signed his contract.

TNT Veteran Sting Will Be Wrestling

TNT veteran Sting

It has already been revealed that Sting will be wrestling. Evidently, this throws a completely new light on the future AEW Dynamite appearances for Sting.

Some fans believed Sting would be a manager at AEW. Of course, I do not rule this out completely. 

At the moment, Sting is scheduled to wrestle according to Sports Illustrated. And the brand may already have chosen his opponents. 

Based on the timing of his arrival, many people theorize that the TNT veteran will be taking on Darby Allin and Cody Rhodes. Either way, this is a great feud to have.

Nevertheless, it is likely that Sting will be heavily protected going forward. After all, he was the face of TNT wrestling before the WWE took over everything.

Sting being back on TNT is a bigger milestone than what most people think. However, we cannot forget that Sting is 61 years old.

Even though he is in much better shape than most of us, he can’t take the same bumps and hits as younger wrestlers. It will certainly be interesting to see Sting in the ring again after his defeat at the hands of Triple H.

When Sting Signed His AEW Contract

Sting Contract Details

Sting signed his contract with AEW only a month ago. Not only did he get a contract deal, he also got a contract for multiple years.

Sting has already brought some good fortune for the promotion. The milestone return of the TNT wrestling veteran actually saw an increase in merchandise sales.

The icon has new merchandise in the AEW shop and they have been selling like hotcakes! In fact, he is the current top seller for merchandise in AEW.

The WWE pulled Sting merchandise from its shop, but they likely have a lot of it on the shelves.

Sting will play a major role in AEW in the months to come. Of course, with so many things happening at the moment, it is difficult to figure out where to look first.

In addition to the icon Sting, another major arrival happened at AEW. Shaquille O’Neal, the NBA legend, also drew a lot of attention to the brand recently.

It is certainly a good idea to tune into AEW Dynamite in the coming weeks! We have only seen the beginning of Sting!

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