Miley Cyrus sister Noah Candace Owens racial slur apology

Noah Cyrus, the younger sister of Miley Cyrus, appears to have launched a racist attack on the black conservative personality Candace Owens this week, seemingly referring to her as a ““nappy a**” h* via social media. Similar comments destroyed the careers of Roseanne Barr and Don Imus.

Noah Cyrus’ Uses Racial Slur In Response To Candace Owens

“Nothing to see here, just [Noah Cyrus] ‘defending’ [Harry Styles] against criticism by [Candace Owens] – by calling Candace a ‘nappy a** h*,’” conservative commentator Rob Smith wrote on Twitter alongside a screenshot of Cyrus’ Instagram story.

“There truly is no racist like a White Liberal racist.”

On the Instagram story, Cyrus references comments made by Owens criticizing singer Harry Styles for wearing a dress and encouraging other men to do the same.

“He wears this dress better than any of [you] nappy a** heauxz,” Cyrus wrote.

“Heauxz” is a slang word for the word “h*,” according to Daily Wire.

Candace Owens Fires Back At Noah Cyrus

Owens fired back at Cyrus on her Twitter page.

Any one of woke liberals care to explain to me how [Noah Cyrus] calling me a ‘nappy ass hoe’ is not racist?” she asked. “I’m all ears. You guys love cancel culture.”

“@MileyCyrus come get your sister!” Owens added.

Owens proceeded to retweet some Twitter users who were coming to her defense and calling out Cyrus for her racism.

“Nah man I don’t like 90% of what Candace does but a racist is a racist idgaf what side they on, get Noah the F*** outta here and you too for thinking it’s cool..,” one social media user commented.

Another user added, “I will probably never agree with you again but [Noah Cyrus] calling a black woman ‘nappy headed h**’ is a racial slur. Not acceptable. Period (You might wanna google Don Imus).”

Noah Cyrus Apologizes 

As the backlash continued, Cyrus finally issued an apology. Begs the question if older sister Miley or dad Billy Ray Cyrus stepped in behind the scenes.

Although it’s worth noting that Noah Cyrus did not reference or address Candace Owens directly in any way in her apology.

“i am mortified that i used a term without knowing the context and history, but i know now and i am horrified and truly sorry. i will never use it again,” Cyrus, 20, wrote on her Instagram story, according to People Magazine. “thank you for educating me. I in no way meant to offend anyone. i am so so sorry.”

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While we applaud Cyrus for facing the backlash head on, it’s unlikely she misunderstood the context of her words given they was used in the correct way if intended to disparage a person of color.

Yet Cyrus’ apology will undoubtedly be accepted because she is a white liberal who attacked a black conservative.

If Cyrus were a white conservative who said this about a black liberal, however, her life as she knew it before would be over. She would be “cancelled” forever by the music industry that she is trying to break into.

Not to mention she would be blacklisted for life from most future careers regardless of how many times she apologized.

Back in 2007, radio host Don Imus was fired amid a national scandal and public outcry over his use of the slur. A slur which Reuters at the time said was “considered so racist it has mostly fallen out of modern American usage.”

So what fate will befall Noah Cyrus for committing such an unforgivable sin?

Roseanne Barr Was Never Forgiven

We could look to Roseanne Barr for a more modern example. 

She learned the hard way that a white conservative making comments about a black liberal that could even be construed as racist was an unforgivable offense.

In May of 2018, Roseanne was fired from her own show and blacklisted by Hollywood for comments she made about Barack Obama’s former advisor Valerie Jarrett.

Roseanne publicly apologized multiple times, but that did nothing to save her. The 68-year-old Emmy-winning comedienne remains “cancelled” and blacklisted by Hollywood to this day.

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As a white liberal, however, Cyrus is likely unconcerned she’ll meet the same fate.

Black conservative voices – especially outspoken ones like Owens – find themselves a regular target of radical liberals. So it’s likely that Cyrus’ fellow liberals will feel that Owens brought this attack on herself.

Now that Noah Cyrus has apologized for her racial slur seemingly intended for Candace Owens, we expect she’ll be free to move on with her life as a “woke” wealthy liberal.

It must be nice.

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