Billy Ray Cyrus Sent A Message To Melania Trump That Miley And Her Liberal Friends Won’t Like

Country star Billy Ray Cyrus went against daughter Miley and liberals everywhere to send a get well message to First Lady Melania Trump.

Country star Billy Ray Cyrus sent a kind and thoughtful message to First Lady Melania Trump. While Miley Cyrus lashes out at President Trump and Republicans, her father chose a much different path.

Of course, Billy Ray’s kind words drew tremendous backlash. But the “Achy Breaky Heart”  singer responded to it all with pure class. 

The First Lady tested positive with COVID-19. While President Trump was treated at Walter Reed, Melania recovered at the White House.

Not many entertainers have wished either of them well, but Billy Ray Cyrus did exactly that in a very public way.

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Billy Ray Cyrus Met With Melania Trump

Last year, Billy Ray Cyrus visited with Melania Trump at the White House.

He took a family who was suffering a devastating loss after their child died by suicide after being bullied.

The “Old Town Road” artist recognizes how important the First Lady’s anti-bullying #BeBest mission is.

Billy Ray appreciated the First Lady’s kindness and, as a caring Christian, he sought to pay the favor back. 

“Hope you are feeling better @FLOTUS. This photo was almost exactly a year ago,” Cyrus tweeted. “Thank you again for the compassion and time you shared with Channing’s Dad and his bother (sic)”

Cyrus’s political opinions on the 2020 election are unknown, but that shouldn’t even matter. It is always kind to wish people well.

Donald and Melania Trump are our President and First Lady and they deserve that courtesy from everyone, including political opponents.

Twitter Backlash

People were furious with Billy Ray Cyrus because he dared to wish good health and a speedy recovery to Melania Trump.

Most of the over 1,400 replies to his tweet were negative.

The Kentucky native felt the need to respond to the attacks. He explained how he has met numerous president and politics had nothing to do with it.

59-year-old Billy Ray shared memorabilia from President George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.

The singer understands it is an honor to be at the White House and not everything is a political statement or endorsement.

It’s part of being an American and honoring the office of the President.

It’s an absolute shame that someone gets blowback for wishing the First Lady of the United States well.

But that is the sad reality we are dealing with, especially from Hollywood. 

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