Nearly one year after Roseanne Barr was fired and blacklisted by Hollywood over a controversial tweet she posted, liberals may have thought they had silenced her once and for all. However, Barr just reemerged to let her leftwing haters know that they have not silenced her at all. She is still getting her conservative views out there on social media.

Roseanne Will Not Be Silent

Fox News reported that Barr said that she has been using “troll accounts” to present her views on social media, enabling her to be free from public backlash. This came almost exactly one year after her controversial tweet about Barack Obama’s former advisor Valerie Jarrett saw Barr lose her show and her career within hours.

In a new interview, Barr said that the traumatic experience of being blacklisted by liberal Hollywood over her views has not made her shy away from presenting them to the world at all. Instead, she just does so in a different way these days.

“I just have a lot of, what do you call it? Troll accounts. So I say what I want under an anonymous name,” she said. “Yeah, and I say the stuff I want to say.”

After refusing to say how many troll accounts she has, Barr said that nobody helps her run this aspect of her social media, meaning that everything she puts out there on those accounts is completely unfiltered. When asked if President Donald Trump, another outspoken Twitter user, should create troll accounts as well, Barr said that most famous people already use shadow accounts that their fans do not know about.

“I think everybody’s got troll backup accounts really,” Barr explained. “If they want to say anything.”

Barr Would Have Been Forgiven if She Was a Liberal

It would certainly make sense that a conservative public figure would need a troll account to continue express their views without risking career-ending backlash. While famous liberals are allowed to go so far as to call for Trump’s assassination without any consequences, conservatives often find their social media accounts being suspended or banned for expressing a view with even a hint of controversy in it.

While we certainly do not condone the initial tweet that got Barr blacklisted, she has apologized for it profusely and has more than paid for what she did over the past year. If she was a radical liberal who posted something controversial, she would have been forgiven by Hollywood ages ago. Sadly, since she’s a conservative, Barr seems to be in for a lifetime sentence of blacklisting in the entertainment world. At the very least, it’s nice to see that Barr hasn’t let this stop her from expressing her opinions, even if she’s doing so under a different name.

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