Jim Ross Heat AEW

Some AEW wrestlers are unhappy with Jim Ross over comments he made on his podcast. Also, Paul Heyman gave Big E advice on how to elevate himself above New Day. 

Jim Ross Has Heat From AEW Wrestlers

Wrestling has evolved dramatically over the past century. Back then, a bulldog or DDT would have been plenty to put away a foe.

Now, matches are filled with major spot after major spot. This has drawn criticism from old school fans and wrestlers and like Jim Ross and Chris Jericho.

During his recent Grilling JR Podcast, Ross criticized what he sees as a common problem in AEW. In particular, he focused on wrestlers taking a spot where everyone is grouped together as they wait for someone fall, so they can catch him or her.

“I told a kid the other day in AEW, I said ‘all you guys do the same f—ing spot,’” said Ross. “You go to the outside, you cluster up like quail, you stand together friend and foe side-by-side, so you can catch some leaping idiot going over the top who never wins with this move.” 

“They never gain an advantage with this move. You know the ‘holy s—’ chants is what got that going I think.” 

“They love to hear ‘holy s—,’ ‘holy s—’ [and] ‘this is awesome.’ It’s a spot, folks. It’s a trapeze act.”

According to Wrestling News, AEW talent did not take kindly to the remarks. Nobody has approached Ross, which might be foolish considering his knowledge of the business, but people are talking backstage. 

AEW Wrestler Doesn’t Agree With Ross 

Cornette claims Jim Ross' career is being ruined by AEW

One AEW wrestler, who wanted to remain anonymous provided the following quote to Wrestling News. Also, it was noted how the wrestler was a fan of Ross growing up.

“Look I know there is a lot that JR can teach us but burying us on the show or on his podcast is only going to make some of us ignore what he says,” said the source. “He is the best and we love it that he calls our matches but maybe find a different way to criticize the wrestlers in the ring.” 

“Everyone is doing what they have been taught. I agree that sometimes things need to be slowed down, but that won’t happen when the guy who is supposed to help put us over is going out there and publicly burying us.”

Ross has not been afraid to speak his mind in the past about AEW’s product. Again, with Ross’ rich-filled background, some of the AEW talent might not want to start trouble.

Paul Heyman – Big E

Will Big E Become The Next WWE Champion?

During the most recent WWE Draft, Big E remained on SmackDown while Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were sent to RAW. The idea is Big E will be getting a singles push, which has been rumored for years.

During Talking Smack, Paul Heyman got involved. He wanted Big E to think ten years into the future and how fans will remember him.

Heyman says fans will remember what he accomplished as a singles star and not part of the New Day stable. 

He continued how the “New Day is only “a footnote in the story of the greatness of Big E.” He concluded with asking how many people talk about Roman Reigns and the Shield nowadays in the same sentence. 

The promo by Heyman came across very strong as Big E was left speechless. Big E seems to be headed towards an Intercontinental Championship reign in the near future.

While many want Big E to be World Champion, WWE has yet to give him that major push. It may only be a matter of time, but then again, Vince McMahon frequently changes his mind.