farewell to the undertaker

WWE closed the 2020 edition of Survivor Series as they bid farewell to The Undertaker, and we’ve got the wrestling world reacting to the sendoff.

WWE Bids Farewell To The Undertaker

In something many were thinking might never happen. WWE bid farewell to The Undertaker at the end of Survivor Series.

farewell to the undertaker

As the event approached, I was convinced that there would be an angle to be had.

After all, how many times have we had an announced retirement or final appearance, only to see it turn into an angle?

Folks, if you did not watch Survivor Series, turn away now. You’ve been warned.

As advertised, the 2020 edition was the final farewell for The Phenom. WWE bid farewell to The Undertaker after a 30 year career.

The ceremony served as the final segment for the November show.

WWE brought back a long list of Undertaker’s friends and opponents, with some names we haven’t heard in a long time (Like Savio Vega and The Godwins).

Vince McMahon himself gave The Undertaker his final ring entrance announcement.

While it was disappointing that such an entrance and event took place in front of no live fans, the ThunderDome was used to full impact.

For example, the company deployed tesla coils by the entrance, something they might not have done with an actual crowd.

Before making his final appearance, WWE bid farewell to The Undertaker by way of a well done, if somewhat brief, video package.

A number of Superstars spoke on the package, without appearing in person. Notable tributes were delivered by Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena, to name a few.

Wrestling World Reacts

While fans were not able to be there for this final farewell, the wrestling world was still able to react via social media.

The entrance was a hit, with many pleased with how WWE pulled it off using ThunderDome effects not previously available for one of The Phenom’s entrances.

Some did give some grief for the quick cameos by so many Hall of Famers.

It might have been better to have had current and former Superstars on the entrance area to applaud. However, social distancing might have won out (just ignore the numbers in the ring).

Much love for The Phenom

Still, plenty showed love via Twitter…including the man responsible for introducing us to him 30 years ago.

In the end, while perhaps it was a bit late, or unfortunate to happen during a pandemic…The Undertaker finally seems to have retired.

If this sticks, The Undertaker walked away having laid to rest perhaps the most iconic persona in professional wrestling history.

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