Superstar Gillberg Heart Attack

The Miz might have the MITB briefcase, but there is an idea floating around that he will not successfully cash-in. Also, Gillberg, suffered a heart attack within the past 24 hours.

Former Superstar Gillberg Suffers Heart Attack

Dwayne Gill, best known to wrestling fans as Gillberg, suffered a heart attack yesterday. At the request of his family, they have allowed James Ellsworth to speak on their behalf.

Ellsworth noted how Gill is doing well and he just got out of the ICU. The hope is he can be discharged from the hospital and be home sometime this weekend.

For those unaware, Gill and Ellsworth are good friends outside of the wrestling business. In fact, they competed in Gillberg’s retirement match.

The Gillberg character was a spoof of Goldberg during the late 1990s. His entire gimmick was comical, but he did manage to win gold.

From everyone at Wrestle Newz, we would like to wish Gill a safe and speedy recovery.

Fans Send Their Love

The Miz – MITB Idea

To help stay afloat, WWE released 40% of their staff back in April. Most of the names let go worked backstage and are not someone people are familiar with.

WWE was hoping to bring back all the people who were furloughed, but that did not happen. COVID cases continue to rise and there is no indication of the company returning to what it once was.

WWE is still trying to figure out ways to bring fans back to their shows. As for live events, many are under the impression they may never return.

Two backstage producers that were furloughed back in April were Shane Helms and Fit Finlay. Subsequently, PW Insider reports that both are back with the promotion.

Finlay returned to last week. He was backstage at NXT, but it is unknown at this time what brand he will be assigned to.

Of the many names released months ago, Finlay was one of the most shocking. He was highly praised for helping the women’s division evolve to what it has become.

Helms returned over the weekend and worked during Monday’s RAW. Like Finlay, there is no word at the moment if that will be his brand.

The timing of Helms’ return is interesting. Earlier in the month, at Full Gear, he appeared for AEW.

He was part of the Elite Deletion Match at the Hardy Compound, where Matt Hardy defeated Sammy Guevara to end their lengthy feud. The match also featured Gangrel and Tony Khan was open to brining both wrestlers back.

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