Matthew McConaughey Questions The ‘Purpose’ Behind Today’s Politics, Knocks Cancel Culture

In a new Fox interview, Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey revealed what confuses him about politics, questioning, "what is its purpose?"

In a new interview on Thursday, Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey openly discussed his confusion when it comes to modern politics and bravely tackled the topic of cancel culture.

The Christian star known for his down-to-earth ways and upholding traditional values is no fan of today’s hyper partisan politics.

Matthew McConaughey Talks Politics With Fox News

“Look, I’ve got questions about politics. Politics is at a real crossroads where for whatever side or wherever you were on this year’s election or the election four years ago, politics has sort of some explaining to do,” McConaughey said while appearing on Fox News

The Academy Award-winning actor went on to admit that while he has considered going into politics himself, he will never actually do so until he understands what exactly politics is.

“I think a lot of people are going, ‘It’s a time to redefine, to redeclare what politics is. What is the purpose of politics?’ That’s a real question that I think politicians and politics needs to answer. What is its purpose? I want to know that answer and understand that answer first before I would really sort of be interested in hopping in politics,” McConaughey explained. 

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Matthew McConaughey Tackles Cancel Culture

The Dallas Buyers Club star also touched on cancel culture, saying that “cancelling via affilitations” and making “condemnations without conversations” is something that unfortunately started a long time ago.

The native Texan is a firm believer that there needs to be some “room for forgiveness.”

“Right now we are invalidating people, illegitimizing people…because of an affiliation they may have or a picture that they may have of them shaking a dog on a hand with somebody we don’t agree with politically or denominationally,” McConaughey said.

He tacked on a warning that “a lot of that is going too far.”

The family man then lamented the fact that it is “more of a challenge” than it has ever been to meet someone “in the middle.”

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‘Everyone’s Tethered’

“Everyone’s tethered. Everyone’s so damn reactionary. We got a liberal left way off the rails on the left. We’ve got a far, far right that’s off the rails on the right I believe,” McConaughey said.

“And it’s not new to this year but it sure bubbled over a lot this year and exposed itself year,” he continued. People are looking for identity and purpose and they’ve ran to some extremes to just feel like they have some footing. I think they’re having some been buyer’s remorse on both sides.”

You can listen to Matthew McConaughey talk politics with Fox News own Brian Kilmeade in the video below.

Given how radically liberal the vast majority of Hollywood these days, it’s refreshing to see a star like Matthew McConaughey actually show some common sense!

The world would be a better place if there were more celebrities out there with his mindset. 

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