man attacks ex-girlfriend

A California man is dead after attacking his ex-girlfriend. He mistakenly believed that he could attack the woman without consequence, but his punishment was immediate and severe. Her mother and sister beat him with golf clubs and stabbed him with a kitchen knife.

Man Choked And Punched Ex-Girlfriend

Forty-year-old Justin Goss gained entry into the South Pasadena home on Saturday by throwing a concrete paver through the window.

Then, he choked his ex-girlfriend and punched her in the face. It was a brutal assault that her family was not about to allow to continue. They successfully used everyday items as weapons to aid in her defense.

This is a case of instant justice. The victim didn’t have a means of defending herself from her violent former boyfriend so her mom and sister joined the battle.

They won this fight in decisive fashion, sparing society of having to deal with this woman beater.

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Police were quickly called. When they arrived, they could hear the women screaming inside and saw the broken window.  The officers entered through the broken window and found Goss unconscious.

“They tried to pull him off, and it didn’t work; he was too strong,” Barry Hall with the Sheriff’s Department said. “So they had to resort to using weapons.”

Dead At The Scene

The South Pasadena Fire Department pronounced the woman-beater dead at the scene. His victim was alive but had to be treated at the hospital for facial injuries. She was released.

When seconds matter during an attack and while waiting for police to arrive, this family went into action. They used what weapons they had available, a knife and golf clubs. And, they got the job done, saving their daughter and sister.

While there will be a lot of trauma for this family to deal with, one hurdle has already been cleared by police.

The hero mom and sister will not face criminal charges for defending their loved one. The case was an open and shut example of defense  — even by California standards.

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“They were well within their rights to defend her by using deadly force against him,” Hall stated.

They will not have to be concerned with a prolonged legal battle. They have been through enough. Sometimes common sense wins, even in California.

A news report from the scene of this awful attack on this woman can be watched in the video below.

While we don’t condone violence, it’s hard to fault this mother and sister’s actions for stepping in to help their family member who was being assaulted. She was being choked and punched in the face and they could not get him off of her.

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