Northwestern University Abolish Defund the police riot student

Northwestern University students violently attacked and even injured police officers during a riot on Halloween night. College rioters masquerading as protestors threw bricks at cops. Students also used fireworks and pointed lasers at police in an attempt to blind them. 

“NU Community Not Cops” wants the the University to abolish the police department. This was the group that organized the destructive “protest” that resulted in significant damage.

The protest got so violent that officers were forced to use pepper spray on the students of the elite college. 

Police Officer Injured By Northwestern Students During Riot

CBS Chicago is reporting that several hundred Northwestern students participated in this even that sent a police officer to the hospital with an eye injury caused by fireworks.

This is not your average college. Northwestern is widely regarded to be on the of top 10 schools in the country.

Now, they have a serious problem on their hands with students attacking cops. 

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“We allowed them to do a peaceful assembly and we would have let it ride until they turned to violence with bricks, battering some of our officers. They had shields,” Evanston police Chief Demitrous Cook said.

“So after that it was time to send a message that we’re not going to let people just come in here and tear up the City of Evanston.”

“The crowd marched into downtown Evanston, with some protesters throwing rocks and bricks at police officers, lighting fireworks in the direction of officers, pointing lasers at police officers’ eyes, and using umbrellas to cover individuals graffitiing streets, stop signs, and electric boxes, and damaging property,” a news release from Evanston Police states.

Northwestern students have been marching daily to abolish the police since October 12th.

Halloween was the most combative night of protests. 

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Students Came Prepared For A Riot 

While parents send their children to an elite school like Northwestern, they likely don’t expect them to become radicalized.

But, that’s what has happened to these students.

The student protesters were well organized. The flyer for the Halloween event even told them to come prepared for a riot. 

The Mayor of Evanston sent the President of Northwestern a letter demanding the university pay for the damage caused by students.

He believes the ongoing protests will cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Mayor expects the school to pick up that tab. 

More information about the Northwestern students’ attack on police is in the news report below. 

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