Jake Tapper Franklin Graham cancel Christmas prayer

In a Sunday interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Jake Tapper suggested that Christmas shouldn’t happen this year because of the pandemic. Franklin Graham took offense to such comment and is reminding us all that Christmas isn’t about presents or parties. It’s about Jesus Christ.

Franklin Graham and other Christians aren’t going to allow the main stream media cancel Christmas.

Jake Tapper Suggests Christmas Won’t Happen On Air

With the COVID-19 numbers on the rise, Tapper played the role of the party pooper and stated, “Christmas is probably not gonna be possible.”

Christians know that even if it is different this year, Christmas is still coming. It’s not about fancy parties and spending lots of money.

It’s about the birth of Jesus Christ.

Some people might choose not to have big parties, but it will still be Christmas. We are not going to allow cancel culture to come for Christmas. 

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It doesn’t matter what our Governors try to order us to do in our own homes or what journalists try to guilt us into giving up.

Christmas is coming and Christians will still celebrate Jesus’s birthday.

Franklin Graham didn’t take this comment from Tapper lightly. Cancel culture might come for Christmas, but we aren’t going to allow it.

“I have news for him—Christmas is going to be celebrated by millions around the world bc it isn’t about gatherings—it’s about Jesus Christ,” Graham tweeted in response to Tapper’s cancelling of Christmas.

“As Christians, we celebrate that “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” This is what Christmas is about—#COVID doesn’t change that!,” Graham continues in another tweet.

Franklin Graham’s Prayer

Graham is hopeful that some good can come out of this pandemic. It’s been a lousy and challenging year with tremendous loss, but Jesus offers us hope.

Christmas is an excellent time to turn to Jesus and let him help carry our burdens.

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Graham posted prayer that he hopes will touch the hearts of millions as we enter this holiday season.

Christmas is coming, whether Jake Tapper agrees or not. 

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