Pentatonix Amazing Grace Christmas album songs video

Pentatonix is releasing new Christmas album on November 13th. They just dropped their first song from the album, “Amazing Grace” and it’s just what we need to help distract us from this very challenging year. 

“Amazing Grace” Goes A Cappella With Pentatonix

“Amazing Grace” isn’t actually a Christmas song, so if you are traditional with waiting until after Thanksgiving to listen to holiday music, this won’t break your rule! 

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Like past performances, a cappella sensation Pentatonix really delivers with “Amazing Grace.”

The group has an ability to turn old favorite songs into modern classic in a simple and elegant way.

As the first song from their upcoming album, “We Need A Little Christmas,” it’s a preview of what’s to come.

Like their prior albums, Pentatonix continues honoring God in their music. 

The a cappella group does an amazing job putting a fresh spin on some classic carols.

Their voices are so perfect that they don’t require any musical instruments. They make all the sounds – percussion type sounds included – using just their voices. 

It’s always a good time of the year to have some grace. Actually, it’s just what the world needs as we wrap up 2020.

Their music is enjoyed by people of all ages. Since winning the “Sing Off” hosted by Nick Lachey, the group regularly performs to sold out crowds all over the country.

Their popularity is on the rise so when so many embrace secularism, it’s encouraging to see Pentatonix sing songs that honor God.

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“We Need A Little Christmas” Album

“Absolutely amazing,” one fan wrote on social media about Pentatonix’s new video. “I am sobbing right now. I need God’s grace. In fact I think we all need His grace right now.”

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