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Dave Chappelle’s Saturday Night Live hilarious monologue is being praised as being biting, blunt, and objective. The comedian has mastered using humor to drive home reflective points. SNL producers likely shuddered at a few truths Chappelle stated as he dropped the N word several times, but he plowed ahead anyhow. 

This performance was mere hours after the media anointed Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

While the official outcome of the election is still unknown, Chappelle scoffed at viewers who might want to take a victory lap citing that half the country is hurting.

Dave Chappelle’s 2016 Post-Election SNL Appearance

The timing of Chappelle’s hosting of the longstanding show was perfect given that he also hosted SNL after Donald Trump won in 2016.

At that time he stated unlike most celebrities, he wanted to give Trump a chance. 

The comedian reflected on his great-grandfather who was born a slave. After being freed, he dedicated his life to education, Jesus and freedom for his fellow Black people.

Chappelle wondered what his great-grandfather would think of his own success and the fact their last name was so well known. 

Known for his comedy, Chappelle certainly brought plenty of laughs. Much of it was at the expense of politicians.

He particularly took aim at President Trump’s description of coronavirus.

Proud To NOT Be Politically Correct

As a comedian, Dave Chappelle could appreciate how the Commander in Chief labeled the deadly virus.

“Called the coronavirus the kung flu. I said, you racist, hilarious son of a b*tch,” Chapelle quipped. “I’m supposed to say that, not you. It’s wrong when you say it.”

Of course, Chappelle is known for being politically incorrect.

This First Amendment supporter understands the importance of pushing boundaries in the face of the cancel culture.

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Much like George Carlin, Rodney Dangerfield, and the comedic greats who came before, Chappelle is an equal opportunity offender.

He proudly offends everyone, not just a select few. If you are easily offended, a Dave Chappelle show is not where you want to be. 

“Did I trigger you?,” he asks some perhaps sensitive members of the audience. 

While Chappelle certainly understands the plight of the Black Lives Matter movement, he said he relates to police officers as many have a target on their back and he knows how that feels.

Watch Dave Chappelle’s Very Un-PC Post-Election SNL Monologue

This DC-born comedian takes us on a brutal introspective conversation that will still have you laughing at times.

Chappelle ended his post-election monologue by imploring all Americans to be kind. 


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