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Lana May Quit Social Media, WWE Investigating New Show Venues

WWE Superstar Lana may quit social media after experiencing cyber-bullying. Also, WWE is looking for outdoor venues to replace ThunderDome.

WWE Superstar Lana may quit social media over some recent issues. Also, WWE is investigating new show venues, including getting RAW and SmackDown outdoors.

Lana May Quit Social Media

Lana is generally pretty engaging with fans via the internet, but based on recent experiences, that may change. Specifically, Lana may quit social media.

The Superstar vented via her Twitter account recently, stating that she’s a victim of cyber-bullying. In her posts, she indicated that her husband, new AEW star Miro, would also leave social media platforms if things don’t improve.

So, on one hand, Lana probably needs to learn to just ignore the haters-social media is full of trolls just looking to push buttons.

However, there is no place for cyber-bullying. If there really is a double standard, where Natalya doesn’t get the same flak for the same content as Lana is getting…then I totally understand why she would be frustrated.

Hopefully things settle down for her soon. As we saw with another WWE Superstar, online drama can show up in the real world in a rather ugly and scary way.

WWE Investigating New Show Venues

WWE has struggled at times over the last few months. With the pandemic changing lots of plans, the company moved shows to the Performance Center, and everything was taped.

Only recently did WWE return to live shows and PPVs. That change coincided with a move from the Performance Center to the ThunderDome.

WWE took over Orlando’s Amway Center to achieve the new venue, but it comes with a catch. As of today, by the end of October, ThunderDome is over.

The agreement between WWE and the facility runs till the end of next month. Beyond that, something like the ThunderDome is likely not practical once the site’s primary tenant (the Orlando Magic) resumes playing.

So, WrestleVotes has provided an interesting tidbit on what WWE may be considering for shows in November and beyond.

Now, there will surely be fans who are screaming that this is exactly what AEW has been doing. For AEW shows, they’ve been running at a small outdoor facility basically the entire time.

While there may be some imitation at play, it’s not important.

It is nice to consider the possibilities of yet another new venue, one which WWE could occupy for an extended period of time. Reports indicate (for obvious reasons) that the company favors locations where year-round weather is more favorable.

Meaning, don’t expect to see RAW and SmackDown from an amphitheater in New England come January.

However, there are surely some venues in Florida that could suit them. Plus, if WWE is looking beyond the Sunshine State, there are similar venues in locales such as Las Vegas.

So, while WWE’s time in ThunderDome version 1.0 may indeed have an expiration date, it does not mean WWE will then go back to the PC.

Given how the new presentation has gone so far, I am intrigued to see what WWE staff can come up with for an encore.

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