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The mother of a 6th grader at a public school in Washington State busted her son’s teacher for removing her son from class because the child said he supports President Trump. Now, the school district is investigating after a video was made public. 

Elsy Kusander’s son was given the boot from his online class earlier this month. The teacher asked the students to say someone they admire. The problems began when the sixth grader wrote in the chat that he admired Donald Trump. 

Student Removed From Class For Supporting President Trump

“I admire Donald J. Trump because he is making America great again. And because he is the best president the United States of America could ever, ever have,” the child wrote. “And he built the wall so terrorists couldn’t come into in the U.S. Trump is the best person in the world. And that’s why I had admire him.”

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The teacher, Brendan Stanton, promptly removed the student from the class.
When Stanton granted access for the 6ht grader to rejoin the class several minutes later, the student noticed his comments had been deleted.
The teacher did not agree with the student’s opinion so he erased it.
The message he was sending the students is if they don’t agree with him, they cannot participate in class. He will silence dissent.

The mother contacted the teacher to discuss this. She recorded the conversation which doesn’t reflect well on the teacher.

Stanton attempted to tap dance around the issue. First he stated that the “individual” her son admired has “spoken hatred.” 

However, thanks to online classes during the pandemic, parents have the ability to monitor their children’s classes.

Elsy was able to record what the teacher said upon allowing her son back into the class. It is pure indoctrination. 

“The example that was shared in the chat, which I went ahead and erased for us, was not appropriate right? Especially as that individual has created so much division and hatred between people and specifically spoken hatred to many different individuals, ok? … Again, that individual has spoken hate to many individuals and I don’t think is an appropriate example for a role model that we should be admiring.”

Mom Confronts Teacher 

Elsy, who is an immigrant from Honduras took objection to this stifling of her son’s freedom of speech. She wanted to make sure that her son wasn’t being disrespectful.

The Washington state mom quickly learned that the problem wasn’t her son but rather Brendan Stanton’s intention to indoctrinate children with his own opinion of President Trump.

A minority student’s support of Trump flew in the face of his agenda. 

When the teacher was confronted by the mother later that day, he attempted to claim the student was off topic. That excuse didn’t hold up under further questioning from the engaged parent. 

“I do apologize if my words were not perfect at the time,” Stanton states. “If I used… if I said that Trump was ‘hateful and divisive,’ that may have been what I used at the time, but my purpose was in bringing us back [to topic].”

Parents have an expectation that their children are being taught rather than spoon-fed a political agenda.

But, indoctrination has become prevalent in many public schools. Left unchecked, these teachers can affect generations of students.

Thankfully, this mom had her ears open to what happened. 

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Washington State School District Is Investigating Teacher

The recorded class and the teacher’s interaction hit the radio airwaves, forcing the Franklin Pierce School District to begin an investigation

You can watch and listen to this interaction in the video below. 

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