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Tough acting Sheriff Richard K. Jones is offering to buy one way tickets for celebrities who are threatening to leave the United States if President Trump is re-elected. 

The Ohio Sheriff doesn’t mince words. The lawman is well known for his press releases and press conferences on topics some believe to be controversial. Last month, he issued a warning for those who are attacking police officers.

If they try that in Butler County, they will be shot. Now, he’s back with another announcement that’s getting a lot of attention.

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Politically Incorrect Patriotic American

As a patriotic American, Jones takes issues with those who speak poorly of our country. He often displays his patriotism on social media. And, he also doesn’t tolerate those who make threats if they don’t get their way – particularly celebrities.

Some celebrities have said they will leave the United States if President Trump is re-elected. John Legend, Bruce Springsteen, and Tommy Lee are so arrogant they believe people will change their votes if the celebrities threaten to move.

None of the celebrities who made this threat in 2016 actually left the country when they didn’t get their way. Jones is looking to sweeten the pot so maybe they will this time. 

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Sheriff Jones called their bluff with a hard hitting press release posted on the department’s Facebook page. He’s willing to buy their one way tickets to get out of here. 

Office of the Sheriff
For Immediate Release… October 20, 2020
My Offer Still Stands
Sheriff Richard K. Jones states it’s that time of election year again. Celebrities threatening to leave the United States if the President is re-elected. This happened in 2016 and it is believed not one celebrity left then and it appears the same threats are being made this election year. Sheriff Jones would like to extend an invitation to put money towards a one-way ticket for any celebrity that would like to leave the country this time around if President Trump is re-elected.
“Hell, I’ll even help them pack,” states Sheriff Jones.

Sheriff Jones’ Viral Video Follow Up

There was such a strong reaction to Jones’s offer that he followed it up with a video that has been viewed over 160,000 times in just two days.

When he speaks, people listen. He is definitely not politically correct and that’s what the people of this southwestern Ohio county want.

Take a look:

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“I hope you do leave and if there’s any way I can help — I’m not a rich person — but I would be willing to throw in $10 to a special fund to help get you a flight or whatever it takes,” Jones says. 

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