Ohio Sheriff Gets Tough On Cop Abuse: ‘Expect Us To Shoot Back’

Butler County Ohio Sheriff Jones fired off a warning shot to let would-be criminals know his officers and constituents will shoot to defend.

Ohio Sheriff Richard K. Jones has a brutal and common sense warning for people meaning to do harm to the police. Don’t try it or we will shoot you. This law enforcement chief isn’t afraid to pull out his gun and use it when necessary to protect officers or people in his community. 

The Butler County Sheriff doesn’t mince words. He is known for not being politically correct and that’s why he continues to be elected. This tough talk doesn’t sit well with the Democrats and their communication wing known as the mainstream media.

Sheriff Jones doesn’t care. He cares about his constituents not what the media thinks.

Police Get A Bad Rap

Jones is tired of law enforcement officers being shot. This continues to happen throughout the country.  It’s time to stand up for those who protect and serve us. 

The media emulates people with long rap sheets like Jacob Blake. Yet police officers killed in the line of duty hardly get a mention.

David Dorn, a retired cop, was killed trying to protect his friend’s St. Louis pawn shop. His murder was live-streamed on Facebook. Of course, there was little concern and coverage by so-called journalists about Dorn’s execution.

But there was plenty of coverage of the violent riots that these same media types describe as “peaceful protests.” 

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Sheriff Jones: We Will Shoot Back

On Wednesday, Jones fired off a warning shot to anyone thinking of coming to Butler County to harm an officer. His trained officers will shoot back.

The official release made the Sheriff’s position on lawlessness crystal clear:


The release details examples of the disrespect towards and attacks on law enforcement officers across the country. It lists only a few examples but the trend is clear.

So Jones wants agitators and cop haters to know there aren’t any free passes for criminals in this Ohio county. 

“I won’t tolerate it, period. You shoot at the police expect us to shoot back. I will not allow my deputies or any law enforcement officer in Butler County to take the abuse I have seen over the past several months. If you come to this county expecting a free pass to harm one of my men or women in uniform keep in mind, nothing in life is free,” Sheriff Jones wrote.

Our law enforcement officers are heroes. They protect us and have every right to protect themselves as Sheriff Jones points out. 

You can read the Butler County Sheriff’s full release in the Facebook post below. 

Sheriff: Gun Sales Are Off The Hook In Ohio

Sheriff Jones informed criminals that they shouldn’t assume a civilian won’t fight back. Many people are gun owners and will fire off rounds to protect themselves.

The Second Amendment and the law is on their side. Guns level the playing field. We won’t be soft targets. 

“I want you to realize, you come to these communities, the gun sales are off the hooks. People in our community have guns and they know how to use them,” said Sheriff Jones warned in the video below.

Jones has long been a proponent of Second Amendment rights. This puts him at odds with the media and gun grabbing politicians, but he doesn’t care what they think. 

He understands that people need to defend themselves immediately sometimes and can’t wait for the police.

The Butler Co Sheriff previously offered to teach free CCW classes to church security teams. His free concealed carry class was met with an overwhelmingly positive response. 

Backstory: Ohio Sheriff Offers Free CCW Classes To Churches, Gets Overwhelming Response

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