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Comedienne Kathy Griffin continues proving that she is more focused on being hateful and mean than she is funny. President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis gave Griffin the opportunity to take her venom-filled rants next level. If Kathy Griffin continues tweeting in this manner, she might just get another visit from the Secret Service. 

The D-List celebrity continues her downward professional trajectory. Her career was destroyed after her beheading skit about President Trump was viewed as threatening and incredibly distasteful.

In fact, things got so bad that the 59-year-old even lost the Squatty Potty ad campaign. The Hollywood liberal was was so toxic that even bathroom jokes were out of her range. 

Secret Service Visits Kathy Griffin

In May, Kathy Griffin got a visit from Secret Service after wishing President Trump was injected by a syringe of air, which would kill him.

That didn’t even give the leftwing celebrity pause about continuing with her threatening ways.

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So Donald and Melania Trump’s COVID diagnoses were an opportunity for Kathy Griffin to celebrate and once again threaten the President.  

The woman, who continually threatens the President, tweeted that she would like to be his caregiver. Of course, the threat was so thinly veiled that her intention was crystal clear.

Griffin, who is firmly part of the liberal left, tweeted that she is praying for the President and First Lady to be on ventilators for at least five days.

Remember, these people who are wishing harm to our First Family want government to take over healthcare entirely. Remember that when you vote.

Kathy Griffin’s Hatred Of Trump Is Well Documented

Her hatred of President Trump is well documented on her own Twitter account.

Now Griffin, who has repeatedly wished harm on President Trump, offered to administer his treatments.

Alongside that, she included a GIF of Nurse Ratched from “One Who Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” and the twisted new Netflix series “Ratched”. Her choice in GIF signals exactly how she “treat” our Commander-in-Chief.

When it was announced President Trump might be discharged from Walter Reed on Monday, Griffin couldn’t help herself. She tweeted that he will probably die in the same manner as Elvis tonight. Just awful.

Does she even consider how disrespectful her tweet is to The King’s memory as well? This shows a total and complete lack of compassion.

She Creates Drama 

In March, as Governors ordered shutdowns in numerous states across the country, Griffin tweeted that she thought she had COVID-19 and blamed President Trump on her inability to get a test.

Griffin was seeking sympathy, but a quick look at the picture she tweeted from the hospital left many believing it was all staged for attention.

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This much hate is a sign that someone is not well. At the very least, Kathy Griffin has a cold heart.

If a conservative celebrity or political staffer said anything close to this about President Obama, there would be outrage and a media assault. 

How many times with the Secret Service have to visit Kathy Griffin?

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