Miley Cyrus just showed the world once again what an ignorant liberal she really is when she revealed that Hillary Clinton, wife of serial cheater Bill Clinton, is the person who inspired her to recently get married.

Fox News reported that Miley, 26, tied the knot with her actor husband Liam Hemsworth in a secret wedding back in December, right around the time the couple tragically lost their Malibu home in the California wildfires. It was during an interview in which she opened up about the fires that Miley bizarrely cited Hillary as her inspiration behind marrying Hemsworth.

“Without feeling like you’re putting a Band-Aid on a bad situation and saying, ‘Oh well, you know, now everything will be better.’ Because a lot of people use marriage I think maybe for a cure,” Miley told Vanity Fair. “But like my favorite woman in the world, Hillary Clinton, says: We’re stronger together. That’ll make me get emotional. That’s what she meant by it. Like, who gives a f—k if he’s a guy, if I’m a girl, or if he was a woman — who gives a f—k? We really are stronger together. One is the loneliest number.”

If Hillary Clinton is the woman who is inspiring you to get married, you might want to invest in a divorce lawyer now, because your relationship is in trouble!

One of the most sickening parts of the 2016 election was Hillary trying to pretend that her marriage to Bill was some epic love story.

In reality, anyone with half a brain knows that Bill is a relentless cheater who could not keep his hands to himself if his life depended on it. Despite this, Hillary’s mindless followers like Miley bought into their love story and continue to try and portray the Clintons as “relationship goals.”

Miley’s latest comments serve as a reminder that many liberals see the world as black and white. While Donald Trump and his supporters can do no right in their eyes, Democratic leaders can do absolutely no wrong. In Miley’s one-track mind, everything about Hillary is perfect, even her marriage!

Conservatives, on the other hand, know better than that. We know that Trump is not perfect, but he strives to fulfill the promises he made to make this country great again. So far, he has done just that, which is why so many of us will be voting for him again in 2020.

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