Wisconsin Teacher’s Aide Learns Her Fate After Sex With Student – “It Is Every Kid’s Dream”

Courtney Roznowski, a paraprofessional employed as a teacher's aide in Wisconsin, was sentenced to jail after having sex with a student.

A teacher’s aide in Green Bay, Wisconsin was sentenced to six months behind bars after having sex with a student. Courtney Roznowski could have spent more time behind bars but escaped that fate because of a plea agreement. 

Parents send their children to school to learn. They trust teachers and staff to protect their kids. But Courtney Roznowski had a different lesson for a 16-year-old pupil, and now she will forever be labeled for it. 

Courtney Roznowski Says 16-Year-Old “Initiated” Relationship

The teacher’s aide tried to say she’s wasn’t the only one responsible for her illegal sexual activities with the minor by arguing that the student “initiated” the relationship.

The 32-year-old claims that initially she didn’t realize she was exchanging texts with a student at her school. Yet, when she figured it out, Roznowski didn’t stop.

Things escalated even though she knew it was wrong.

Roznowskiwe don also blamed her behavior on a drinking problem, which she claims has since been overcome.

She told investigators she was “really drunk” during an encounter and had vomited in his house.

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Roznowski claimed she was first a mentor to the impressionable teen before the sexual adventures blossomed.

Apparently, she doesn’t understand what a mentor is or was using this opportunity to groom the child.

In fact, the teacher’s aide told the 16-year-old student with whom she had sex that he deserves “special things.”

The paraprofessional was initially charged with three counts of sexual assault of a student by a school staffer, and two counts of exposing intimate parts to a child.

However, after it was learned that her contract with the school expired prior to the actual sex occurring, the three most serious charges were dropped. This allowed her to get off with just half a year behind bars for exposing intimate parts to a child.

Teacher’s Aide Forced To Face Parents During Sentencing After Sex With Student

Judge Donald Zuidmulder didn’t have sympathy for Roznowski, calling her actions “appalling.”

The judge said to her: 

“You are, frankly, the nightmare of every parent. Because what a parent assumes is that their child is in safe environment with trusting people.” 

Roznowski’s parents looked on as she was handed her fate for having inappropriate relations with a student half her age. The judge also forced her to turn around and face her own parents as he served her up some serious guilt.

Judge Zuidmulder exclaimed:

“Here’s what I want to tell you, Miss Roznowski. You’ve broken their hearts and whatever punishment I impose on you, I assume that the humiliation and embarrassment you’ve caused your mother and father is more punishment that you will carry than what I could impose on you.”

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In addition to 6 months in jail, the former school staffer will be on probation for three years. The probation conditions also include no employment with minors, sobriety, and no contact with anyone under age 18.

Courtney Roznowski was also required to write an apology letter to the Southwest High School staff. 

The 16-year-old victim confirmed the two sexual encounters with teacher’s aide and told police investigators, “It is every kid’s dream to do a teacher.” The teen said that he was the one who ultimately ended the relationship.

It goes without saying, we clearly have some mixed up morals in today’s society. What a shame.

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