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Veterans deserve our upmost respect. Sadly, that is not always the case. Fortunately, there are plenty of good Americans who stand up for our veterans as the hidden cameras of “What Would You Do?” show in the video below.

ABC’s hit show “What Would You Do?” hides cameras to capture people’s candid reactions to uncomfortable and awful situations. While the interaction between the actors are staged, these sort of situations happen everyday.

WWYD Features Veteran With Traumatic Brain Injury

Disabled veterans battled for our country and then come home with lifelong injuries. They shouldn’t have to battle with rude people, but that is what happens sometimes.

A brain injury can completely change someone’s life and make many things challenging. Patience and understanding go a long way.

But selfish people don’t appreciate the sacrifices made for their freedoms. Perhaps they had a far left education that dislikes the military or maybe their parents failed them.

Whatever the reason, it’s unacceptable.

In this WWYD episode, when a veteran with a traumatic brain injury encountered a rude and demeaning waitress, he found that he had a lot of friends sitting by that he had yet to meet. 

Unfortunately, not everyone respects our veterans.

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Adam Greathouse from Disabled American Veterans helped with this episode. He knows the pain of being a disabled veteran with a traumatic brain injury.

Greathouse helped guide the waitress, who is an actress, into responding in ways he has been treated by heartless people.

So when you hear her say mean things, don’t discount that she is an actress. These things have actually been said to our disabled veterans!

“Sergeant Slow”

This WWYD episode really hits at the uncomfortable truth of what it’s like to live with hidden or unseen conditions.

It’s difficult to watch the waitress call the man “Sergeant Slow” when he has trouble getting his words out and making a decision.

She even asked him if he is drunk because he speaks slowly. Imagine being treated this way!

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As sad as that is, diners are the Steer-Inn in Indianapolis, Indiana might help restore you faith in society.

Time and again, they literally got up from their tables to put the waitress in her place. They even came to the table and joined the veteran actor. They all really took up for him in a hostile situation.

Nobody should be treated like that, especially our veterans! It’s good to see them appreciating and accepting him. 

You can watch this episode of “What Would You Do?” in the video below. 

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