Ohio woman tased football game over mask police

A chilling video is going viral this week that shows an Ohio woman who was not wearing a mask in the stands at a middle school football game being tased and arrested. In the wake of the tasing incident, schools in the Logan-Hocking Local School District had to be locked down after receiving threats.

Ohio Woman Without Mask At Football Game Gets Tased

A now viral video of the altercation was captured on Wednesday by someone in another section of the stands.

The Daily Mail reports there were around 300 people at the football game in Logan, Ohio. The woman is seen sitting in the bleachers with an older woman (later identified as her mom), an older boy, and two young boys.

When the officer attempts to handcuff the woman who’s not wearing a mask, things escalate quickly. A young boy cries as the woman’s mom attempts to intervene.

But the officer is not deterred.

As the woman and officer tussle, she can be heard yelling, “Let go of me! Get off of me, sir! What the f*** is wrong with you?”

She attempts to scoot away from the officer yelling, “You’re not arresting me for nothing, I ain’t doing nothing wrong.”

Amid the scuffle, an American flag mask can be seen in the woman’s back pocket.

She continues to protest and resist for several minutes when the officer suddenly tases the Ohio woman in her shoulder area.

You can watch the full altercation where the officer tases the woman without a mask in the video below.


Witnesses React To Ohio Woman Without Mask Being Tased 

“Tasing this lady over not wearing a d— mask,” someone can be heard saying. Nearby fans are clearly shocked by what unfolded.

Witness Doug Mallett told The Marietta Times, “It escalated pretty fast into an ugly situation, he tased her pretty fast.”

He added, I didn’t see where she was putting anybody at risk, I guess that’s a Logan rule. It depends on interpretation, it’s a state rule, but I thought there was some wiggle room if you have health issues. I tried to stay out of it until he got the taser out.”

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Police Address Events In Football Tasing Incident

NBC4I reported that the Logan-Hocking Local School District has since identified the woman in the video as a fan of the opposing team.

Logan police issued a press release identifying the woman as Alecia Kitts and the officer as School Resource Officer Chris Smith. Kitts was sitting in the bleachers with other families and children who all witnessed the altercation. 

In the public statement, police explained that Kitts was not tased for not wearing a mask. They say the officer tased, and then arrested, Alecia Kitts for not complying with his request that she leave the premises.

“It is important to note, the female was not arrested for failing to wear a mask, she was asked to leave the premises for continually violating school policy,” the statement read. “Once she refused to leave the premises, she was advised she was under arrest for criminal trespassing, she resisted the arrest, which led to the use of force.”

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Ohio School District Speaks Out

Video footage of the woman being tased quickly went viral. The following day, the school Superintendent was forced to lock down schools after receiving threats.

The Logan-Hocking Local School District released a statement about the situation as well, saying: 

“During a middle school football game held at the Logan-Hocking Local School District on the evening of September 23, 2020, an attendee was asked to comply with the Ohio High School Athletic Association’s and the athletic facility’s policies.

The attendee refused to do so and consequently was asked to leave by the attending law enforcement officer. After resisting the request to exit the premises, the individual was apprehended at the discretion of the attending law enforcement officer. The school district is not able to comment further on details of the incident due to the ongoing investigation.”

Tensions are running high here in the US. Between the pandemic, social unrest, and approaching election, it’s a veritable powder keg.

More people are growing restless after months of isolation and state mandated health safety protocols, including masks.

Don’t be surprised if we see more people pushing back against the state to reclaim their freedom.

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