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WWE legend and A-list actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shocked a lot of his fans by endorsing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris over the weekend. But that was only the beginning as shortly afterwards video of a long forgotten “Saturday Night Live” skit where the “Baywatch” star mocks child molestation went viral. 

The former WWE superstar turned Hollywood leading man hasn’t waded into political endorsements before, and so this one flew in the face of his fans, many of whom are conservative.

The Rock Endorses Joe Biden

First, let’s start with his eyebrow raising political endorsement.

In a seven minute long video, The Rock threw his entire weight behind 2020 Democrat candidate Joe Biden.

He also showed edited clips of a conversation he had with the Democratic nominees promoting their candidacy. 

You can watch that video below. 

The Rock apparently misjudged how his fans would react to this endorsement. He got tremendous pushback.

One even went so far as to unearth a very eyebrow raising skit from 2017. In the SNL sketch, the Rock built a robot that molests children for an evil contest. 

Molesting children isn’t something to joke about, but The Rock went ahead with this distasteful skit anyhow.

The Rock’s SNL ‘Child Molesting Robot’ Skit

Joe Biden has been plagued by accusations of being handsy with young girls at public events.

So his endorsement in combination with the SNL skit resurfacing could prove troublesome for The Rock, who is typically a very family centered man.

“Saturday Night Live” must have been so irrelevant at the time that this skit didn’t appear to get much notice. Watch The Rock’s off-color sketch in the tweet below to see it for yourself. 

Hollywood has made some serious missteps that many see as signals for normalizing pedophilia.

Recently, Netflix released Cuties, a movie about twerking dance group of 11-year-old girls attempting to flaunt their sexuality.

Some in the media even attempted to say this film was acceptable as it promoting a healthy viewpoint of “child sexuality.”

Backstory: Media Says YOU Are The Problem For Not Embracing ‘Child Sexuality’ In Netflix’s ‘Cuties’

Child Sexualization Is No A Laughing Matter

Cuties, understandably, drew tremendous backlash. There’s no excuse for sexualizing young girls. And it’s certainly not “art” to depict them unclothed.

What will the leftists defending Cuties as art say to this the Rock’s 2017 SNL skit?

I’d like to think that if The Rock’s SNL “child molesting robot” skit was released today, people might have taken more notice. Not surprisingly, he mostly got a pass in 2017.

But, now his recent endorsement of 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden is shining a light on it. 

Child abuse is no laughing matter.

You can watch the Rock’s entire SNL ‘child molesting robot’ skit in the video below.

Shockingly, SNL fashioned it as a parody of a White Castle commercial. It’s amazing they didn’t get sued for that. 

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